What is the conjugation of faire in French?

What is the conjugation of faire in French?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Imperfect
je fais faisais
tu fais faisais
il fait faisait
nous faisons faisions

Is faire a French word?

Faire is an irregular verb that is commonly used throughout the French language. Although faire is one of the most common French verbs, it can be challenging to master because it has many different meanings. Faire can be used in idiomatic expressions to talk about the weather, going shopping, and more.

What tense is je Dirais?

dire: Conjugation

Present Perfect
je dirais tu dirais il/elle dirait nous dirions vous diriez ils/elles diraient Pronounce these verb forms j’ aurais dit tu aurais dit il/elle aurait dit nous aurions dit vous auriez dit ils/elles auraient dit Pronounce these verb forms
Present subjunctive Perfect subjunctive

Is faire être or avoir?

The French verbs avoir (“to have”), être (“to be”) and faire (“to do or make”) are the three most used and, thus, most important verbs in the French language.

How do you conjugate faire in French passé composé?

The Faire Conjugation in Passé Composé The passé composé of the verb faire is conjugated using the auxiliary verb avoir followed by the past participle of faire – fait. For the compound tenses, the auxiliary verb conjugates, but the verb faire does not. Qu’est-ce que tu as fait?

What tense is dit?

French Verb Conjugations

Present Future
Passé simple Imperative
je / j’ dis (tu)
tu dis (nous)
il dit (vous)

How do you conjugate faire in French passe compose?

How do you conjugate Faire in Imparfait?

Thankfully, in the imparfait, the conjugation of faire is very regular compared to its present tense. In the imparfait, faire conjugates like most imperfect verbs using fais– as a base. Qu’est-ce que tu faisais? ‘What were you doing?