What is the combustion equation for pentane?

What is the combustion equation for pentane?

Pentane gas (C5H12) reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water. C5H12(g) + 8O2(g)…

What are the products for the combustion of pentane?

From the prefix ‘pent’ we know that the hydrocarbon contains 5 carbons and because this is an alkane we can use the CnH2n+2 general formula to work out the molecular formula of pentane as C5H12. Because the question asks for complete combustion, the products are water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

What is the equation for incomplete combustion of pentane?

a) Write the balanced chemical equation for the incomplete combustion of pentane (C5H12). incomplete combustion C5H12 + O2 → 1.

Why pentane burns with a smoky flame?

Incomplete combustion of alkenes occurs where oxygen is limited and produces water, carbon monoxide and carbon (soot). This causes a smoky flame.

Is pentane a gas?

Pentane is a volatile, colourless liquid with a characteristic gasoline-like odour. In addition to being a component of natural gas, pentane has numerous industrial uses.

Is pentane a liquid?

Pentane is a colorless, flammable liquid (the first liquid member of the alkanes) that is lighter than water.

How to write the formula for pentane?

The condensed formula for pentane is CH3(CH2)3CH3 or CH3CH2CH2CH2CH3. A condensed formula is a method of describing the elements or molecules that comprise a compound. Straight lines, dashes and wedges, which typically represent the chemical bonds between atoms in the molecular structure of a compound, are omitted in a condensed formula.

What is the formula for the incomplete combustion of pentane?

– C6H14 (l) hexane + ( (13+x)/2)O2 (g) = (6-x)CO (g) + xCO2 (g) + 7H2O (l) where x= 1 to 6 depending upon incomplete combustion – (CH2)6 or C6H12 cyclohexane + ( (12+x)/2) O2 (g) = (6-x)CO (g) + xCO2 (g) + 6H2O – hexane takes more O2 for complete combustion and produces more water

What is the product of C5H12 O2?

What is the product of C5H12 O2? Pentane gas (C5H12) combusts with oxygen gas (O2) to form water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). When Pentane burns in the presence of oxygen what is produced? carbon dioxide When C2H4 reacts with oxygen What is the product? 1a)Ethene (C2H4) burns in oxygen to give CO2 and H2O: C2H4 + 3 O2 –> 2 CO2 + 2 H2O How many…

What is the general equation for complete combustion?

Incomplete combustion occurs when the supply of air or oxygen is poor. Water is still produced,but carbon monoxide and carbon are produced instead of carbon dioxide.

  • In general for incomplete combustion:
  • hydrocarbon+oxygen → carbon monoxide+carbon+water.
  • propane+oxygen → carbon+water.