What is the brand name for clemastine?

What is the brand name for clemastine?

BRAND NAME(S): Tavist. USES: Clemastine is an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergy, hay fever, and the common cold. These symptoms include rash, watery eyes, itchy eyes/nose/throat/skin, cough, runny nose, and sneezing.

Can you buy clemastine over-the-counter?

Clemastine is an over-the-counter allergy medication. Doses in this trial exceeded the maximum recommended for over-the-counter use. Also, clemastine affects a range of targets in the body, and involves the risk for side effects, particularly at increased dosages.

Why is Tavist no longer available?

Tavist-D is a combination of clemastine (antihistamine) and phenylpropanolamine (decongestant). Preparations containing phenylpropanolamine were withdrawn from the market some years ago because of the increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke.

Do you need a prescription for clemastine?

Clemastine belongs to a group of medicines known as sedating antihistamines. It is used to relieve allergies, such as hay fever and allergic skin conditions. You can buy clemastine tablets without a prescription at a pharmacy.

How long does it take clemastine to work?

How long does it take for clemastine to work? You should start to feel the effects of clemastine in 2 hours. The full effects of this medication are usually felt about 5 to 7 hours after your dose.

What is the best antihistamine to take?

Summary. Claritin, Zyrtec, and Allegra are all good antihistamine options and are generally well-tolerated. But there are some differences between them that may make one of these antihistamines better than the others for you. For example, Zyrtec and Allegra may work faster than Claritin.

What medicines contain clemastine?

Brand names: Dayhist-1, 12 Hour Allergy Relief, Tavist, Leader Allerhist

  • Allergic Reactions.
  • Allergic Rhinitis.
  • Urticaria.

Is loratadine the same as clemastine?

Loratadine was safe and well tolerated and was significantly less sedative than clemastine; loratadine may therefore possess an advantage in clinical use in the treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis.

How do you take clemastine?

Clemastine comes as a tablet and a liquid to take by mouth. It is usually taken two or three times a day. Follow the directions on your prescription label or package label carefully, and ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain any part you do not understand.

What is clemastine tablet used for?

Clemastine is used to relieve hay fever and allergy symptoms, including sneezing; runny nose; and red, itchy, tearing eyes. Prescription strength clemastine is also used to relieve the itching and swelling of hives.

Do they still make Tavist?

The Tavist Allergy brand name has been discontinued in the U.S. If generic versions of this product have been approved by the FDA, there may be generic equivalents available.