What is the best time to catch barramundi?

What is the best time to catch barramundi?

Barramundi fishing is usually best at early morning, late afternoon or night. Estuaries and tidal flats tend to be the places that large females inhabit, so look for places where food might aggregate, like eddies or draining creek mouths and cast to these.

Where can I fish for barramundi in Darwin?

The Best spot for a chance to catch Barramundi in and around Darwin and the NT is the coastal creeks. Coastal creeks work well on big tides. Run Off season is your best time of year to go barramundi fishing in Darwin. Run Off Season is mid Feb til mid May, but this depends very much on what our previous wet season.

Can you catch barramundi in Darwin harbour?

Large barramundi are regularly caught at ‘the rock’ in shoal bay during the build-up. The area is also renowned for great mud crabbing. Guided barra and/or reef fishing trips in the harbour are available, and there’s secure parking at both Buffalo Creek and Leaders Creek boat ramps to the north.

Are barramundi hard to catch?

2 to 3 out of 5: Possible Barra. Maybe give it a go, but still difficult for the beginner barramundi fisherman and difficult if you don’t have a boat. Live bait fishing may be an option to improve your odds.

What are the tides for barramundi fishing?

Half tide out to half tide in is the best time to fish. The bottom of the tide really concentrates bait and can be the best time to fish, especially for barramundi. Neap (smallest) tides are best for lures fishing, because of the better water clarity when compared to the bigger spring tides.

How do you catch Barra in Darwin?

Know Your Bait For this reason, using live bait, soft plastics or hard body lures are all good options. If you choose to go for live bait, Barra love poddy mullet and perch, so if you can get your hands on those, you’re off to a good start.

Do barramundi bite at night?

Despite this, barra readily feed at night and are positively a great night time target species on lures. Quite often fishing after dark is a lot less taxing up in the northern tropics, where daytime temperatures and humidity are in excess.

What lures to use for barramundi?

Lures like the 4 and 5 inch Paddle Prawn are perfect for barramundi when rigged on a conventional 3/8oz jig head and 3/0 or 5/0 hook. Alternatively they can be rigged weedless on a worm hook to avoid snagging in heavy timber or weedy areas. Barra can be moody.

Does barra bite at night?

Barramundi generally feed more at night. As the sun sets, you’ll start hearing them splashing around feeding on the surface. This is the best time to fish. You have a much better chance of catching a barra.

Where do you catch barramundi?

Barramundi are distributed throughout coastal areas of the Indo-West Pacific region – from the eastern edge of the Persian Gulf to China, Taiwan, southern Japan southward to Papua New Guinea, and northern Australia.