What is the 24 carat gold rate today in Pakistan?

What is the 24 carat gold rate today in Pakistan?

Today Gold Rates Pakistan Karachi

Gold 24k Per Tola Rs131,500
Gold 24k Per 10 Gram Rs112,740
Gold 22k Per 10 Gram Rs103,345
Gold 22k per tola Rs120,542

What is the price of 1gram Gold in Pakistan?

22 Karat Gold Price in Pakistan (PK)

Weight Gold Price in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) Converted to Indian Rupees (INR)
Ounce 326,070.19 PKR ₹135,026.41
1 Gram 10,483.40 PKR ₹4,341.20
2 Grams 20,966.80 PKR ₹8,682.40
5 Grams 52,417.00 PKR ₹21,706.00

What is the rate of 22 carat gold in Pakistan?

PKR 7,971.00 per Gram
Market 22 Carat Gold rate today in Pakistan is PKR 7,971.00 per Gram.

How much is a gram of 24 karat gold?

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Gold Unit Gold Rate 3 Apr 2022, 12:00:02
Gram 24K $61.89
Gram 22K $56.73
Gram 21K $54.14
Gram 18K $46.40

What is 1g gold Jewellery?

In simple words, one gram jewellery is not real gold but comes with one gram coating of this precious yellow metal. It’s imitation jewellery that is gaining a lot of popularity these days in India. You can easily spot Indian women attending weddings and other events wearing stylishly designed one gram jewellery.

How many carats in a gram of gold?

Gold rates per gram 24,22,18,14,10,6 carat; gold price per ounce and gold price per tola.

How much is 1 tola of Gold 24K in Pakistani rupee?

Tola 24K is a unit for weighing gold used in Jewelleries in Pakistan. 1 Tola = 0.375 troy ounce, 1 troy ounce = 2.6666666666667 Tola. Today, Friday 17 December 2021 in Pakistan, 1 Tola of gold 24K = 120,034.97 Pakistani Rupee. Loading… Karat 24 is also called (.999) and is 999/1000 pure.

What is the price of gold in Pakistan?

Pakistan Gold Price | 24-hour gold rate live Gold Rate in PKR Pakistani rupee Rate Gold Rate per Gram in PKR 9 370.02 Gold Rate per Oz in PKR 291 407.57 Gold Rate per KG in PKR 9 370 018.19 Gold Rate per Tola in PKR 109 290.02

What does 24 karat mean in gold?

The precious metal, gold, measured by troy weight and by grams. When it is alloyed with other metals the term carat or karat is used to indicate the purity of gold present, with 24 carats being pure gold and lower ratings proportionally less. What is the purity of 24 karat Gold?