What is special about the number 130?

What is special about the number 130?

130 is the only integer that is the sum of the squares of its first four divisors, including 1: 12 + 22 + 52 + 102 = 130. 130 is the largest number that cannot be written as the sum of four hexagonal numbers. 130 equals both 27 + 2 and 53 + 5 and is therefore a doubly strictly adsurd number.

What does 130 mean?

Definitions of 130. adjective. being ten more than one hundred twenty. synonyms: cxxx, one hundred thirty cardinal.

Is 5 a lucky number for a house?

A house number that totals to 5 is great for those looking for immediate financial gains. Investors go for this number as this brings in best possible returns. It is the right fit for interior decorators who are always looking for something new and have to design new trends every season.

Which country code is 130?

Current Country List (Ordered by Country Code)

# Country Name
128 Aruba (+297)
129 Faroe Islands (+298)
130 Greenland (+299)
131 Gibraltar (+350)

What does the number 130 mean in Hebrew?

130. The gematria of the word Ladder in the Hebrew סלם (Sulam) The gematria of the word Sinaj (hill or desert) in the Hebrew סיני (Sinai) The gematria of the word Easy in the Hebrew קל (Kal)Karol Sidon]

What’s the meaning of 134?

Princeton’s WordNet. cardinal, 134adjective. being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order. “cardinal numbers”

What does house No 5 mean?

House number 5 is all about overindulgence and can make people obsess over minor things. This home is also not suitable for people who like to stay in peace and want to have calm lives. People with tight schedules will find it difficult to deal with it and it might be equally tedious for them to stay in one job.

What Roman numeral is 140?

140 (number)

← 139 140 141 →
Greek numeral ΡΜ´
Roman numeral CXL
Binary 100011002
Ternary 120123