What is special about motutapu Island?

What is special about motutapu Island?

Introduction. At 178 million years old Motutapu is one of the oldest land masses in the Hauraki Gulf. The island has lived an exciting life – it was intensively settled by Maori, it hosted massive Victorian picnic parties, and was a base during WWll.

What does the full Māori name for Rangitoto mean?

Rangitoto’s full name is Te Rangi i totongia te ihu a Tama-te-kapua’ (the day the blood of Tama-te-kapua’s nose flowed), in memory of an ancient battle on the island between the Tainui people and their Te Arawa rivals.

How did the military use motutapu Island?

Between 1936 and 1944, military camps and barracks, underground ammunition stores, observation posts, roads, and a causeway from Rangitoto were built at a cost of more than £500,000. The Motutapu defences included a battery of 6 inch guns, and anti-aircraft, machine gun, radar, and searchlight installations.

What was Motutapu 25 million years ago?

Being at least 20 million years of age, Motutapu, meaning “sacred island,” is of the Jurassic period and is New Zealand’s oldest land mass. Rangitoto to the southeast, which was formed by a series of volcanic eruptions a mere 700 years ago, is among this country’s youngest land masses.

Who owns Ponui island?

the Chamberlin family
The island has an area of 18 km2 and has been farmed by the Chamberlin family since 1853. The island now consists of three farms, two owned by the Chamberlin family and one by John Spencer….Ponui Island.

Area 18 km2 (6.9 sq mi)
Highest elevation 173 m (568 ft)
Highest point Ponui

Is motutapu island a volcano?

The island called Motutapu is very old and sits majestically in the centre of Auckland’s inner gulf islands. The newest gulf island, the now dormant volcano, Rangitoto, nudges up against it.

Who owns rakino island?

The island, which is largely privately owned, has around 76 dwellings. Most are solar-powered as there is no grid electricity. Rakino has no shops or services. It is this isolation and self-reliance that is enjoyed by the permanent residents and mainland-based property owners with baches situated on the island.

Is Rangitoto the youngest volcano in NZ?

Rangitoto is the youngest and largest of the approximately 50 volcanoes of the Auckland volcanic field, having formed in an eruption about 600 years ago, and covering an area of 2,311 ha (5,710 acres).

Is Motutapu pest free?

In August 2011 DOC declared both Rangitoto and Motutapu officially pest- free. This marked the successful completion of the most challenging and complex pest eradication projects ever undertaken by the Department. Takahe and saddleback (tieke) were released as part of the celebration.

Is motatapu a volcano?

Prior to the emergence of the volcano, the island had been extensively occupied by Māori for over 100 years. The eruption, some 700 years ago, destroyed their settlements, but there is circumstantial evidence that some of the residents may have escaped the destruction, presumably by waka (canoe).

Does Rangitoto have a crater?

Rangitoto (Rangitoto) and oldest (Pupuke, Onepoto) volcanoes in the Auckland field. One of North Shore’s volcanoes has been quarried away (Mt Cambria) and one of the intertidal craters has been reclaimed (Onepoto), but the rest are in good shape.

Can Rangitoto erupt again?

The Auckland volcanic field is made up of over 53 volcanoes and these volcanoes are extinct. This means they will not erupt again with the exception of Rangitoto Island, which is dormant.