What is SPDS extension for AutoCAD?

What is SPDS extension for AutoCAD?

Autodesk SPDS is an AutoCAD add-on module designed to support drawings in compliance with the requirements of the Russian system of standards for construction design documentation (SPDS). These requirements include GOST R 21.101-2020, System of Project Documentation for Construction, and related regulatory documents.

How do I use macros in AutoCAD LT?

In the Customize tab, Command List pane, locate and select the command you want to assign (or modify) a command macro. In the Properties pane, select the Macro field and click the […] button that is displayed. In the Long String Editor, edit the macro as desired and click OK.

Can I open a STEP file in AutoCAD LT?

Importing stp-files (step) is not supported in AutoCAD LT.

How do you burst a LT in AutoCAD?

Menu: Tools > Express Tools > Explode Attributes to Text. Explodes selected blocks. Any attribute objects are converted into to text objects. The exploded attributes assume the original attribute definition’s layer and style.

Does AutoCAD have macros?

AutoCAD supports two types of macros: Action Macros – Recorded using the Action Recorder and saved to an action macro (ACTM) file. When loaded, an action macro can be played back from the Action Recorder or by entering its name at the Command prompt.

How do I convert a STEP file to AutoCAD?

Importing 3D STEP file into AutoCAD

  1. Make sure you’re in the 3D Modeling workspace.
  2. Go Insert tab > Import panel > Import button.
  3. Make sure the Files of Type selector is set to STEP files.
  4. Select the STEP file and hit OPEN.

Why I Cannot explode block in AutoCAD?

Causes: Beginning with AutoCAD® 2006, the Allow Exploding option was added to the Block Definition dialog box. If this option is not selected when a block is created, instances of this block cannot be exploded.

How do I create a macro in AutoCAD?

Can VBA interact with AutoCAD?

VBA 7.1 is supported in Autodesk products, but it is no longer part of the default AutoCAD installation and must be downloaded and installed separately. If you utilize VBA macros in your work environment, they will no longer work unless the VBA module is installed on your system.