What is SiteScope error?

What is SiteScope error?

By default, SiteScope generates an error if the returned HTTP status is anything other than 200 (“OK”), which indicates a successful retrieval. You can choose to have SiteScope report an error status based on any of the following measurements: round trip time – the total time for the entire request, in milliseconds.

What is the default URL for SiteScope?

Log on to SiteScope 1. Enter the SiteScope address in a Web browser. The default address is http://localhost:8080/SiteScope.

What can be monitored with SiteScope?

HP SiteScope software helps you monitor the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructure and applications including servers, operating systems, network services, virtualization software applications, and application components.

How do I add a monitor to my SiteScope?

SiteScope collects data samples from components in your infrastructure using out-of-the-box monitors and custom monitors….How to Create and Deploy a Monitor

  1. Verify the prerequisites.
  2. Create monitor instances.
  3. (Optional) Set up monitor alerts.
  4. (Optional) Set up monitor reports.
  5. (Optional) Configure analytics.

How do I export my Sitescope monitor?

Verified Answer

  1. Create one blank Template.
  2. Right click on the group/monitor which you want export and click copy template , choose that blank template.
  3. all the monitors will come into that template , now you can export-import that template.

Is SiteScope free?

Schedule a Free Live Demo Agentless application monitoring that provides heterogeneous and hybrid support, and quick time to value with easy installation and configuration. Your 60 days free demo Includes: Up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Which all aspects of infrastructure can be monitored?

IT Infrastructure Monitoring Essentials

  • Hardware – Physical Health.
  • Operating System – Utilization and depletion.
  • Network – Bandwidth consumption and errors.
  • Application – Performance and availability.

How do I add a server to my SiteScope?

How to add a Windows Server to Sitescope:

  1. Click on Remote Servers.
  2. Select Microsoft Windows Remote Servers.
  3. Click on New Microsoft Windows Remote Servers.
  4. Provide the name of the server.
  5. Provide the IP address of the server.
  6. Give the user name.
  7. Give the password.
  8. Click on save and test.

How do I export my SiteScope monitor?

How do I add a server to my Sitescope?

What is latest version of SiteScope?

The current version is 2018.08 (11.51). SiteScope is now marketed by the Micro Focus.

What is infrastructure monitoring tool?

What are IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools? ITIM tools capture the health and resource utilization of IT infrastructure components no matter where they reside (for example, in a data center, at the edge, infrastructure as a service [IaaS] or platform as a service [PaaS] in the cloud).