What is Scaevola?

What is Scaevola?

The flower-encrusted, cascading branches of scaevola make it an ideal choice for window boxes, hanging baskets, or tall containers where it’s trailing form can flow over the container’s edge. Scaevola, occasionally called fan flower, is a sun-loving annual that grows 8 to 12 inches tall and produces a non stop show of blue, pink, or white flowers.

How tall do Scaevola plants grow?

The ‘Fairy’ series of scaevola features compact, six-inch tall plants in blue, pink, or white. The ‘Whirlwind’ series is a vigorous grower, and will spread to fill in gaps in your containers or borders.

What plants look good with Scaevola?

Scaevola plants make good companions for other hot weather lovers for sun, like Mexican zinnias, zonal geraniums, and tropical hibiscus. Like the scaevola, these flowers need good draining soil and don’t like to be overwatered.

Does Scaevola attract deer?

Because scaevola is an Australian native the plants are heat tolerant and have almost no insect or disease problems. Scaevola is also self cleaning so you don’t have to remove the dead flowers to keep the plant in production. The plants attract butterflies and are generally avoided by deer.