What is pn junction diode give construction and working?

What is pn junction diode give construction and working?

PN Junction diode is a device made of two semiconductor material joined together with the required amount of impurity. These materials are N-type, having electrons are majority carrier and P-type material, having holes are majority carrier. With proper biasing, PN diode allows current to flow in SINGLE DIRECTION.

What is the construction of a diode?

A diode is formed by joining two equivalently doped P-Type and N-Type semiconductor. When they are joined an interesting phenomenon takes place. The P-Type semiconductor has excess holes and is of positive charge. The N-Type semiconductor has excess electrons.

What is the working principle of pn junction diode?

A pn junction diode is a two terminal single crystal semiconductor device whose one side is doped with acceptors and other side by donors. Doping with acceptor creates p type semiconductor while doping with donors produces n type. Thus a pn junction is formed in diode.

Which type of material is used in construction of pn junction diode?

Generally, silicon is used to make a diode. But another semiconductor material like germanium or germanium arsenide is also used.

What are the two types of PN junction diode?

Different types of PN-junction diodes

  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) Very much used in a dancing light display of music systems and information boards on railway stations.
  • Photodiode. A PN junction diode made of photosensitive semiconductor is called a photodiode.
  • Solar Cell.
  • Zener Diode.

What are the characteristics of PN junction diode?

A PN Junction Diode is one of the simplest semiconductor devices around, and which has the electrical characteristic of passing current through itself in one direction only. However, unlike a resistor, a diode does not behave linearly with respect to the applied voltage.

How diodes are constructed and perform in general?

Diodes can be made of either of two semiconductor materials, silicon and germanium. Power diodes are usually constructed using silicon. Silicon diodes can operate at higher current and at higher junction temperatures, and they have greater reverse resistance.

What are various construction types possible in a P-N junction?

Construction of Diode There are two types of semiconductor material; Intrinsic and Extrinsic semiconductor. An intrinsic semiconductor is a pure semiconductor in which hole and electrons are available in equal numbers at room temperature.

What are the IV characteristics of P-N junction diode?

I-V Characteristic Curve of a Diode When the forward voltage exceeds the diodes P-N junctions internal barrier voltage, which for silicon is about 0.7 volts, avalanche occurs and the forward current increases rapidly for a very small increase in voltage producing a non-linear curve.

What are various construction types possible in a PN junction?

What is the built-in potential of a PN junction diode?

The built-in potential of a P N junction diode is 0.7 V at room temperature.

How does current flow in pn junction diode?

In a forward-biased PN junction, once the barrier voltage is overcome, it conducts a current. The externally applied potential pushes majority carriers toward the junction where recombination takes place, allowing current flow.

Why is a PN junction called a diode?

Why Pn Junction Is Called Diode? A diode is named a diode as a result of it has two distinct electrodes (i.e. terminals), known as the anode and the cathode. A diode is electrically uneven as a result of present can stream freely from the anode to the cathode, however not within the different route.

What are the advantages of a PN junction diode?

It is used in clipping circuits as wave shaping circuits in computers,radios,radars etc.

  • It is used as switches in digital logic designs.
  • It is used in detector and demodulator circuits.
  • It is used in clamping circuits in TV receivers as well as voltage multipliers.
  • It is used as rectifiers in DC power supply manufacturing.
  • How does a PN junction formed in a diode?

    It is also used for rectification in electric circuits.

  • The diode is also for DC restoration in clamping circuits.
  • It is also used for waved shaping in clipping circuits
  • Diodes are used in demodulation circuits.
  • They are used in voltage multipliers.
  • P-N junction diodes are also used as a switch in digital logic circuits which are used in circuits.
  • What is pn junction diode and how it is formed?

    What is PN junction and how it is formed? P-n junctions are formed by joining n-type and p-type semiconductor materials,as shown below.

  • What is p-type and n-type? In silicon doping,there are two types of impurities: n-type and p-type.
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