What is pDRIVE vector?

What is pDRIVE vector?

pDRIVE is a family of plasmids with an expanding collection of native and composite promoters. pDRIVE plasmids contain the LacZ reporter gene which expression can be determined using chromogenic, luminescent or histochemical detection. These plasmids are selectable with Zeocin™ in E. coli.

What are the essential features of plasmid vector?

It should have a selectable marker with an antibiotic resistance gene that facilitates screening of the recombinant organism. It should be small in size so that it can easily integrate into the host cell. It should be capable of inserting a large segment of DNA. It should possess multiple cloning sites.

What are the key features of a plasmid vector when cloning?

components of plasmid cloning vectors:

  • origin of replication (ori) site where DNA replication is initiated.
  • marker genes for selection and/or screening. selection – killing cells that lack specific gene.
  • Unique restriction endonuclease (RE) sites.
  • transmissability.
  • Promoters for gene expression.

What are the prokaryotic cloning vector?

Plasmids and phages are the vectors used for cloning purposes, particularly in prokaryotes (bacteria). When foreign DNA is linked to this sequence then along with vector replication, foreign (desirable) DNA also starts replicating within host cell.

What are 3 important parts of a plasmid vector?

Plasmids contain three components: an origin of replication, a polylinker to clone the gene of interest (called multiple cloning site where the restriction enzymes cleave), and an antibiotic resistance gene (selectable marker). Plasmids are usually isolated before they are used in recombinant techniques.

What are the essential features of vector?

Characteristics of vectors:

  • Self replicating, multiple copies.
  • Replication origin site.
  • Cloning site.
  • Selectable marker gene.
  • Low molecular weight.
  • Easily isolates and purifies.
  • Easily isolates into host cells.

What is a plasmid cloning vector?

In general, cloning vectors are plasmids that are used primarily to propagate DNA. They replicate in E. coli to high copy numbers and contain a multiple cloning site (also called a polylinker) with restriction sites used for inserting a DNA fragment.

What are the general features of a prokaryotic expression vector?

An expression vector must have elements necessary for gene expression. These may include a promoter, the correct translation initiation sequence such as a ribosomal binding site and start codon, a termination codon, and a transcription termination sequence.

What are the essential features of a vector?

What are the characteristics of plasmid DNA?

Characteristics of plasmids

  • extrachromosomal circular DNA molecules which are not part of the bacterial genome.
  • size range: 1-200 kb.
  • carry functions advantageous to the host such as: produce enzymes which degrade antibiotics or heavy metals.
  • Replication is coupled to host replication in a:

What are plasmid vectors used for?

Plasmid vectors are the vehicles used to drive recombinant DNA into a host cell and are a key component of molecular cloning; the procedure of constructing DNA molecules and introducing it into a host cell.