What is Nirvash?

What is Nirvash?

The Nirvash type Zero is the oldest known L.F.O. on the planet, and is featured in Eureka Seven. At first, it could only be piloted by Eureka, a Humanoid Coralian, but later on it accepted Renton Thurston.

How tall is the Nirvash type zero?

about 17 cm
A custom stand so you can pose the Nirvash on its, erm, surfboard, is included. Very nice! Non-scale, but the finished height of the mech is about 17 cm.

What is SCUB coral?

The Scub Coral (or simply Scubs, Scub Coral in the anime) (スカブコーラル, Sukabu Kōraru) are intelligent lifeforms that came to earth 10,000 years before the start of the series. Their origins prior to arriving on Earth is unknown.

What is an LFO Eureka?

The mecha in the anime series Eureka Seven are called LFOs, which stands for Light Finding Operation. LFOs are bio-mechanical hybrids: armor and control systems are built upon an organic humanoid “skeleton,” excavated from the Scub Coral.

What happens to Renton and Eureka?

A year later, the kids are living with Axel and are having dinner. Axel looks over the Thurston family record book and sees the section that lists Eureka and the kids with Renton’s last name, confirming that Renton and Eureka have gotten married and formally adopted the children.

Does Eureka love Renton?

At the end of the manga, after they save the Earth from being destroyed by the Coralian Zone, all the Coralians, including Eureka, disappear and leave with the Scub Coral. In the process, she and Renton profess their love to each other and share their first kiss.

Is Holland Rentons dad?

In addition to being Azmodeus’ and Cicily’s son and Dewey’s younger brother, he is also the husband of Talho Yūki, and the father of their unnamed child….Holland Novak.

Holland Novak ホランド・ノヴァク (Horando Novaku)
First Appearance Manga Chapter 1 Anime Episode 1
Last Appearance Manga Chapter Unknown Anime Episode 50