What is Nevill Hall Hospital used for now?

What is Nevill Hall Hospital used for now?

Nevill Hall Hospital is Changing on 17 November 2020 From 17 November 2020, the Grange University Hospital will become the main centre in Gwent for: 24 hour consultant-led emergency care. 24-hour consultant-led maternity & neonatal services. 24-hour consultant-led paediatric (children’s) services.

How do I contact Nevill Hall Hospital?

Tel: 01873 732732

  1. Nevill Hall Hospital provides first-class care to the residents of Gwent and South Powys. It provides a wide range of services with a focus on delivering general and routine care, including:
  2. What is a Medical Assessment Unit?
  3. Getting you the right care.

Who is Nevill Hall Hospital named after?

The site was originally occupied by The Brooks, a country house built for James Charles Hill of Blaenavon Ironworks in the 1860s. It was renamed Nevill Hall, in recognition of his own family name, when it was acquired by the Marquess of Abergavenny in 1890.

What’s the name of the hospital in Abergavenny?

Nevill Hall Hospital
Nevill Hall Hospital (Welsh: Ysbyty Nevill Hall) is a district general hospital in Abergavenny, north Monmouthshire, Wales. It is managed by the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board….

Nevill Hall Hospital
Shown in Monmouthshire
Location Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom

What county is Abergavenny in?

Abergavenny, Welsh Y Fenni, town (community), historic and present county of Monmouthshire (Sir Fynwy), southern Wales. It lies at the confluence of the Rivers Gavenny and Usk.

Where was Pen y Fal Hospital Abergavenny?

Details: Pen-Y-Fal Hospital, Abergavenny

Present name Pen-Y-Fal Hospital
Previous name(s) Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum 1851 – 1897 Monmouthshire Lunatic Asylum 1897 – 1916 Monmouthshire Mental Hospital 1916 – 1923 Pen-Y-Val Hospital – Until 1950
Address Old Monmouthshire Road Abergavenny NP7 5YY
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Why is Abergavenny famous?

Our guide to the best things to do in this quaint Welsh market town surrounded by the Brecon Beacons. This lively market town at the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park is famous for its annual food festival, but there’s plenty of things to see and do all year round.

Why is Abergavenny called that?

The town derives its name from a Brythonic word Gobannia meaning “river of the blacksmiths”, and relates to the town’s pre-Roman importance in iron smelting. The name is related to the modern Welsh word gof (blacksmith), and so is also associated with the Welsh smith Gofannon from folklore.

What does Abergavenny mean in Welsh?

Abergavenny (; Welsh: Y Fenni pronounced [ə ˈvɛnɪ], archaically Abergafenni meaning “Mouth of the River Gavenny”) is a market town and community in Monmouthshire, Wales. Abergavenny is promoted as a Gateway to Wales.

What does Welsh Llan mean?

Even now the names of many places in Wales begin with Llan. It means “Church” – or, rather, the enclosed land around the church where Christian converts had settled – and, as far as town or church names are concerned, is often combined with the name of an individual.

What does Betws mean in Welsh?

prayer house
The first part of the name of the village comes from the Anglo-Saxon Old English word bedhus, meaning “prayer house”, or oratory which became betws in Welsh, and Welsh: Coed translates to wood. The English name of the village is Prayer House in the Wood. The earliest record of the name is Betus, in 1254.