What is Martin OM size?

What is Martin OM size?

25.4 inches
OM/000. For many the definitive shape, the OM shares its body size with the 000 but has a different scale length: the OM is 25.4 inches (645mm), the 000 is 24.9 inches (632mm). Favoured by fingerstylists for their 1.75-inch (44.5mm) nut width and even sonic temperament.

What is the difference between a Martin 000 and an OM?

The main difference between an OM and a 000 is the scale length, which is the distance between the nut of the guitar and the bridge. The OM models have a scale length of 25.4″ while the 000 has a shorter scale length of 24.9″.

What does Om mean in Martin guitars?

Orchestra Model
A: The Martin Auditorium body designated 000 shares the same 15″ body as the OM (Orchestra Model). The main difference is neck width and scale length — the OM has a longer scale, wider neck for fingerstyle playing.

Who plays Martin OM?

So now, the looks and tone of the OM-28V played by Maury, Dick Boak, and John Mayer can now be had with a comfortable, modern neck shape.

What size is 000 guitar?

000 Guitars The 000, or the “auditorium,” is slightly different. However, its scale length is the same, measuring at 24.9 inches. The body length is 19.3 inches, the depth is 4.1 inches, while the width is 15 inches.

What are OM guitars best for?

Because an OM offers the perfect middle ground between a dreadnought and a parlor. Great to play some chords, fantastic for fingerpicking and dream for blues. With an OM you get all of that wrapped in a very comfortable size.

Is Om bigger than ooo?

Put simply, the OM guitars have a slightly longer scale length (25.4”) and a wider neck (1 ¾”) than the 000, which traditionally has a smaller 24.9” scale length and a 1 11/16th” fingerboard width.

What is Martin Orchestra Model?

First introduced in 1929, the OM (Orchestra Model) was Martin’s first guitar with a 14-fret neck joint, and its popularity led to Martin switching most other models from 12-fret necks to 14-fret necks around 1934.

Which is better Om or dreadnought?

Compared to a dreadnought an OM offers just a bit more finesse, so it should be no surprise we see a lot of female guitar players opting for an OM. If you are looking for an OM there is plenty to choose from, such as a slightly longer or shorter neck, more or less string spacing an a sheer endless variety of tonewoods.

What is an OM guitar body style?

Orchestra Model (OM) – Buy an orchestra if: You need a guitar with more projection and wider range than smaller guitar sizes, yet a more delicate size and feel than a larger style guitar (1). You need more projection than a 000 or smaller(1). You’d like more mid-range and a little more bass (1).

Is 00 or 000 guitar bigger?

A 00 has the same depth as a 000, but the slightly smaller top brings all the frets a little closer to the body. They are ideal for smaller guitarists, or people who want a petite playmate for their larger guitars.