What is lot code Corsair?

What is lot code Corsair?

Serial numbers and lot codes contain information about the product that Corsair can use to provide support. They are often preceded by “S/N:” or sometimes “Lot Number” and frequently appear next to a bar code. They are usually the longest sequence of numbers you will see on the label.

Where is my Corsair serial number?

It’s on a sticker on the back of the case usually. Possibly the bottom.

Do power supplies have serial numbers?

The serial number ID label is located on the power supply faceplate under the circuit breaker switch.

Is Lot Number same as serial number?

Lot numbers and serial numbers are identification components used by manufacturers that may look similar, but are actually extremely different. Lot numbers identify products that were manufactured at the same time as a batch, while serial numbers are unique to each product.

Do computer cases have serial numbers?

If you have a desktop PC, look at the back, top, or side of the case for some sort of sticker. The number may also be on a sticker inside the case, so you might have to open it up. If you can’t find the serial number on the PC itself, look online for instructions specific to your model.

Where is the serial number on a keyboard?

Keyboard serial numbers can usually be found on the bottom of the keyboard next to the barcode.

How do I check the warranty on my Corsair power supply?

You can find the warranty period on the product package, in the user documentation, or the listing of Corsair warranty periods below*. If you see different warranty periods for a product, the longest warranty period applies.

Do PC cases have serial numbers?

How do I find out what PSU I have?

You will need to open the computer case’s side panel and find the PSU with a label or sticker on the side or at the top that lists all the information about the PSU. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the power supply may be mounted in another case inside the computer, which you have to unscrew.

How can I tell what power supply I have?

You can check the power supply on your PC by removing the side panel of its case. If you bought a prebuilt PC, you can also likely check the power supply in the computer’s manual or by contacting the manufacturer. Knowing your PC’s power supply can help you upgrade other parts of the computer, like your graphics card.