What is John Constable known for?

What is John Constable known for?

Summary of John Constable Constable is most clearly remembered for his bucolic images painted in and around the Stour Valley but he also produced over 100 portraits and a huge number of preparatory sketches often completed in oil.

What type of artist was John Constable?

PaintingJohn Constable / FormPainting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface. The medium is commonly applied to the base with a brush, but other implements, such as knives, sponges, and airbrushes, can be used.
In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action. Wikipedia

When Constable’s wife was dying what was the subject he kept painting or trying to depict?

“Hadleigh Castle” (1829) was painted soon after Constable’s wife died in 1828. Its image of a ruined tower above the sea is a Romantic cliché, rare for this artist. Maybe he needed a theme removed from his past to come to grips with her death, which had shattered him.

Where did John Constable grow up?

East Bergholt
The son of Golding Constable, a landowning farmer, miller, and corn merchant, Constable grew up along the Stour River in East Bergholt, Suffolk. Although his family hoped that he would join his father’s business, they permitted him to enter the Royal Academy Schools at the age of twenty-two.

What paintings did John Constable do?

Paintings by John Constable

  • Cenotaph to the Memory of Sir Joshua Reynolds. John Constable.
  • Salisbury Cathedral and Leadenhall from the River Avon. John Constable.
  • Stratford Mill. John Constable.
  • The Cornfield. John Constable.
  • The Hay Wain. John Constable.
  • Weymouth Bay: Bowleaze Cove and Jordon Hill. John Constable.

Are John Constable paintings valuable?

John Constable’s The Lock has become one of the most expensive British paintings ever sold, fetching £22.4m at auction at Christie’s in London. The full price of £22,441,250 for the 1824 masterpiece depicting Suffolk rural life places it joint fourth on the list of most-expensive Old Masters.

How many paintings did Constable do?

In his lifetime, Constable sold only 20 paintings in England, but in France he sold more than 20 in just a few years.

How much do John Constable paintings sell for?

Are there any missing Constable paintings?

A ‘lost’ oil sketch painted by John Constable has sold for £375,000. The never-seen-before painting has been dated to 1821-22, when Constable spent two consecutive summers renting a house in Hampstead and has been linked to two similar paintings previously owned by his daughter.

Are reproductions worth anything?

Reproductions are a photographic copy of a painting. Reproductions of notorious painting usually have little value; however, if they are printed as limited editions, they might be more valuable. This all depends on supply and demand over time.

How can you tell an original from a print from a reproduction?

The most definitive method of determining whether a print is an original or a reproduction is by examination of its production process. All reproductions are made by a different process than originals; reproductions are photomechanically produced and originals are not.

Are oil painting reproductions worth anything?

Are reproduction paintings worth anything? Generally, reproductions of famous paintings aren’t as valuable as the originals. A reproduction of a painting may have some commercial value, especially if the edition is limited. As a result of supply and demand, they may become more valuable.