What is iTRADE FlightDesk?

What is iTRADE FlightDesk?

Scotia iTRADE FlightDesk is a premium online trading platform with powerful tools for equity and options1 trading so you benefit from complete real-time up to the minute data, control, flexibility and in-depth analysis when making your trades.

Does Scotia iTRADE have an app?

Trade on the go with our mobile app Easy to use and fully customizable, the Scotia iTRADE mobile app enables you to access market information and make fully secure trades on the go.

How do I reset my iTRADE password?

Sign in to Scotia iTRADE. Select Manage My Accounts from the Accounts page. Select Security & Passwords. Select Create/Reset Access Code.

What is Scotia iTRADE account?

Scotia iTRADE is a top rated discount brokerage which offers low cost commissions and innovative technologies for any level of investor. Open an account. Manage investments on your own terms.

How do I access Scotia iTRADE?

Visit www.scotiaitrade.com. Select “First Time Logging On – Register Now”. You will be asked to verify your identify and then you may select your password. You will also be asked to create your Trading and Scotia iTRADE TeletraderTM Passwords, which are different from your Log On Password.

How do I buy stocks on iTRADE?

How to place a trade on Scotia iTRADE®?

  1. To trade Stocks, ETFs and Options simply click on the ‘Trade Now’ button on the bottom right of the Accounts and Quotes & Research pages, this will bring up the trade ticket / order form.
  2. Enter the symbol or search by company name.

How do I buy stocks with Scotiabank?

Here are 7 simple steps to get you started:

  1. Understand why.
  2. Get to understand the basics.
  3. Determine how much you want to invest.
  4. Start with a practice account.
  5. Open the brokerage account.
  6. Fund the account.
  7. Time to pick your stocks and buy.

How does Scotiabank iTRADE work?

Scotia iTRADE not only lets you buy and sell shares on the stock market – it also lets you open a practice account, so you can trade, learn, and experiment with the market without any risk. Sign in to your Scotia iTRADE account to try.