What is Ikebukuro known for?

What is Ikebukuro known for?

Ikebukuro is a leading shopping and entertainment area in Tokyo. It is very popular for its shopping malls, live music venues, and anime-inspired facilities but you can also find lesser known quiet shrines and excellent dining places!

Is the world’s best shopping street in Tokyo?

Probably the most famous street in Tokyo, if not the whole of Japan, Takeshita-dori is renowned as the birthplace of many trends including the Harajuku fashion scene. Here you can expect to find the latest in young fashion from every tribe, from kawaii to goth, steampunk and more.

What is the shopping district in Tokyo called?

Harajuku district
If you want a shopping spot on the forefront of the next big trend in fashion, you need to visit Tokyo’s Harajuku district. Commonly known as the Tokyo shopping district for young fashionistas, if you’re interested in Japanese street fashion – or really anything fashionably kawaii – Harajuku is the place to be!

What does Ikebukuro mean in Japanese?

pond bag
The kanji for Ikebukuro literally means “pond bag” (池袋). Outside the west exit of Ikebukuro Station near an entrance to the Fukutoshin Line is a small plaque explaining how the area used to have multiple lakes, hence the name.

Is Ikebukuro worth visiting?

Ikebukuro is a hidden tourist attraction; not many people know about the beautiful places this town offers for the tourists. It is an ethereal blend of traditional Japanese culture with modern world. If you are in Tokyo, you should definitely visit Ikebukuro.

Is Tokyo good for shopping?

Tokyo is one of the world’s best shopping cities. The shops and the service are world famous.

What is Harajuku fashion?

Harajuku style refers to the Harajuku district, a large, urban fashion neighbourhood in Tokyo (which we recommend in our Tokyo weekend guide). It has long been the home of outrageous fashion, particularly among teenagers and young people.

What is shopping in Japan like?

Shopping in Japan is neither cheap nor expensive. Generally speaking, Electronics, shoes and branded goods are more expensive in Japan (Compared to the USA). Anime goods, Japanese souvenirs tend to be cheap. Just like any other country, There are very cheap shops (Example: Daiso.

Is Ikebukuro safe?

Ikebukuro is still a very safe place compared to anywhere in the world. They include everything in “crime rate” from pickpockets to loitering to trespassing to graffiti to urinating in public. The violent crime is still very rare in Japan.