What is HyFlex cm?

What is HyFlex cm?

HyFlex EDM files are produced using an innovative manufacturing process called Electrical Discharge. Machining. The EDM process results in a file that is extremely flexible and fracture resistant. In fact, HyFlex EDM files are up to 700% more resistant to cyclic fatigue compared to traditional NiTi files.*

What are HyFlex files?

HyFlex rotary files are NiTi instruments used for canal enlargement to prepare the root canal for irrigation and obturation in continuous rotation or depending on the clinical situation also in reciprocal motion.

How is a curved root canal treated?

Use of flexible files

  1. Anti-curvature filing.
  2. Modifying cutting edges of the instrument by dulling the flute on outer surface of apical third and inner portion of middle third, which can be done by diamond file.
  3. Changing canal preparation techniques, i.e. use of crown-down technique.

How do I use Neo Endo Rotary?

The Neoendo Flex files should be used with a very gentle touch and never forced. The canals should be irrigated before engaging the files. The files are to be used in a brushing motion. The files are taken passively to the point of resistance and are brushed out of the canal.

What is HyFlex EDM?

HyFlex EDM are 5th-generation NiTi rotary endodontic files fabricated using Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology, which hardens the surface of the nickel-titanium (NiTi) file. This provides for excellent flexibility and fracture resistance.

Why is HYFLEX cm more flexible than other types of flex files?

The reason for the less number of cracks in HyFlex CM is due to its 300% more resistance to cyclic fatigue. This control memory metallurgy of HyFlex CM file makes it more flexible but without the shape memory.

Can HYFLEX cm and HYFLEX EDM prepare curved root canals?

Thirty new Hyflex CM and thirty new Hyflex EDM instruments were tested for the biomechanical preparation of curved root canals. The instruments selected were 21 mm and 0.25 mm tip size (Hyflex CM 0.06 taper, and Hyflex EDM ~ taper). Before the experiment, the files were inspected using a stereomicroscope and any file with defect was discarded.

How much does HYFLEX cm fracture at different curvatures?

In this study, Hyflex CM fractured at a range of 6.8–7.1 mm at 30° and 60° which was statistically significant implying that the point of flexure changes for the file when subjected to different curvatures.

Does instrumentation length affect the number of cracks in HYFLEX cm?

In the present study, when instrumentation with PTN and HyFlex CM was terminated at different instrumentation length at AF, AF − 1 mm, and AF + 1 mm, cracks developed. The reason for the less number of cracks in HyFlex CM is due to its 300% more resistance to cyclic fatigue.