What is Great Eastern known for?

What is Great Eastern known for?

Founded in 1908, Great Eastern is the most established life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia.

How do I contact Great Eastern?

Contact Us

  1. General Line and for Overseas customer +603 4259 8888.
  2. Customer Service Careline 1300-1300 88Our enhanced Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is ready to assist you anytime.
  3. Fax Life insurance +603 4259 8000.
  4. Fax General Insurance +603 4813 0055.
  5. Life Insurance.

Who owns Great Eastern?

Great Eastern Holdings Limited
Great Eastern Life/Parent organizations

Does Great Eastern cover Covid?

COVID-19 Medical Plan Coverage Programme This Programme is complimentary to existing and new life assured of Great Eastern Life who have any individual medical plan(s)/ rider(s) with exclusion on communicable disease requiring quarantine by law.

What are the entities of Great Eastern Malaysia?

It has three distribution channels – a tied agency force, bancassurance, and financial advisory firm, Great Eastern Financial Advisers.

What is lamp Great Eastern?

Great Eastern Life is the first company in Malaysia to implement LAMP, an LMS which forms part of the Agency Transformation Plan that was initiated in 2013. More than RM6 million was invested to develop LAMP, a powerful LMS which was commissioned by Saba Software Inc., a world class LMS provider from the United States.

Is Great Eastern listed in Malaysia?

Great Eastern Life Assurance is the largest and oldest life insurance company in Singapore and Malaysia….Great Eastern Life.

Type Public Listed Company
Key people Alfred Hewton Fair (Founder) Khor Hock Seng (Group CEO)
Products Banking Insurance Asset management
Net income S$12,5 billion (FY2017)
Total assets S$ 84.5 billion (FY2017)

How do I pay online Great Eastern?

  1. Logon to Internet or Mobile Banking and look for JomPAY.
  2. Enter Biller Code: 90050 (for Great Eastern Life Policy)
  3. Enter your 10-digit Policy Number in Ref-1 field (for Great Eastern Life Policy)
  4. Enter Payment Type & Mobile Phone Number in Ref-2 field.
  5. Enter your Payment Amount.
  6. Confirm and Pay.

How many Great Eastern branches are in Malaysia?

21 branches
To date, GELM has 21 branches nationwide and products including life insurance plans, investment-linked plans, mortgage protection, business protection, employee benefits, medical insurance and group health benefit schemes.

Is Great Eastern owned by OCBC?

OCBC Bank operates its insurance business under its 87%-owned subsidiary, Great Eastern Holdings . Great Eastern is the largest insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia in terms of assets and market share.

Is Great Eastern a local company?

Great Eastern Life Assurance, the oldest licensed local insurer in Singapore, was incorporated on 26 August 1908. The company was set up with a capital of $250,000 and offered life assurance and annuity services.

Does OCBC Own Great Eastern?

Where can I find Great Eastern life in Malaysia?

Branch Network Locations. Great Eastern Life Malaysia. Great Eastern Life Malaysia. Great Eastern General Insurance Malaysia. Servicing Offices. Batu Pahat. 1st Floor, 109 Jalan Rahmat. 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor. Tel: +607-432 2357.

How do I contact Great Eastern life insurance?

We would like to hear from you, be it an enquiry or via our feedback form (Great Eastern Life Insurance or Great Eastern General Insurance) Customer Service General Line and for Overseas customer +603 4259 8888

Why choose Great Eastern life?

Great Eastern Life offers a full range of flexible insurance solutions, so you and your loved ones can focus on living life to the fullest.

What is the annual premium of Great Eastern Health Insurance?

Great Eastern is an insurance agency and located in Penang. Annual premium for Great MediCare 2 is RM652.95 for 2 years old girl. It offer Daily room max Rate of RM150, Annual Limit of RM90000 and 360000 in Lifetime Limit. It is Quite cheap compared with other medical card. Annual premium for Great Medic Xtra is RM985.8 for 2 years old girl.