What is frequency modulation ratio in PWM?

What is frequency modulation ratio in PWM?

Frequency modulation ratio (m f), is the ratio between the PWM frequency and fundamental frequency. i.e. m f = f s f i , for which m f should be an odd integer. If m f is not an integer, there may exist subharmonics at the output voltage.

What type of modulation is used in PWM?

The three conventional types of pulse width modulation are a) Trail Edge Modulation b) Lead Edge Modulation c) Pulse Center Two Edge Modulation.

What is modulation index in PWM inverter?

Modulation index is defined as the ratio of the fundamental component amplitude of the line-to-neutral inverter output voltage to one-half of the available DC bus voltage.

What is modulation and how modulation index is calculated?

Where, μ is Modulation index and it is equal to the ratio of Am and Ac. Mathematically, we can write it as. μ=AmAc (Equation 3) Hence, we can calculate the value of modulation index by using the above formula, when the amplitudes of the message and carrier signals are known.

What is modulation index in frequency modulation?

In FM (Frequency Modulation), the modulation index is defined as the ratio of frequency deviation to the modulating frequency. Mathematically, this is defined as: m f = Δ f f m. mf = Modulation index. Δf = Frequency deviation.

How do you calculate PWM frequency?

Frequency of a PWM output is = 1/Period. Resolution of a PWM output is the granularity with which the duty cycle can be modulated. TOSC = oscillator period Authors: Stan D’Souza and Sumit Mitra Microchip Technology Inc. (PR1 = 18h), then PWM frequency is: 1/(100 x 62.5) ns = 160 kHz.

How is PWM duty cycle calculated?

Duty is literally the proportion of 1s to 0s output by the PWM command. To determine the proportional PWM output voltage, use this formula: (Duty ÷ 256) x 5 V. For example, if Duty is 100, (100 ÷ 256) x 5 V = 1.953 V; PWM outputs a train of pulses whose average voltage is 1.953 V.

What is the modulation index?

What is mean by modulation index?

Definition of modulation index : a measure of the degree of frequency modulation expressed numerically for a pure tone modulation as the ratio of the frequency deviation to the frequency of the modulating signal.

What Is percent modulation index?

The percent modulation is defined as the ratio of the actual frequency deviation produced by the modulating signal to the maximum allowable frequency deviation.