What is form AA02?

What is form AA02?

The AA02 form is used to submit accounts for a dormant limited company which has never traded to Companies House.

How do I complete AA02?

You would require the following information to complete the AA02 form.

  1. Section 1: Company details.
  2. Section 2: Date of balance sheet.
  3. Section 3: Accounts.
  4. Section 4: Date of approval of accounts.
  5. Section 5: Director’s signature and name.
  6. For companies registered in England and Wales:
  7. For companies registered in Scotland:

What is called up share capital not paid dormant company?

Called-up capital has not yet been completely paid, though payment has been requested by the issuing entity. Share capital consists of all funds raised by a company in exchange for shares of either common or preferred stock. The amount of share capital or equity financing a company has can change over time.

What is the meaning of dormant in banking?

A dormant account is an account that has had no financial activity for a long period of time, except for the posting of interest.

What is the meaning of dormant company?

In common parlance, the word “Dormant” means inactive or inoperative. A dormant company is an excellent opportunity to start a company for a future project or hold an asset/intellectual property without having significant accounting transactions.

How much does it cost to file dormant accounts?

Filing dormant accounts is free, costs only arise if the dormant company fails to file on time and penalties are incurred.

What is the purpose of a dormant company?

A dormant company is one that has no ‘significant accounting transactions’ during its financial year. Such companies are considered inactive for Corporation Tax purposes because they are not involved in any kind of trading activity, which includes: Buying and selling goods and services. Renting or purchasing property.

What is the difference between paid up capital and issued capital?

Answer: Issued share capital refers to the total of the share capital issued to shareholders for subscription. Paid-up capital is that part of the called up share capital of the company which is actually paid up by the shareholders.

What is the company’s issued share capital?

Issued share capital is simply the monetary value of the shares of stock a company actually offers for sale to investors. The number of issued shares generally corresponds to the amount of subscribed share capital, though neither amount can exceed the authorized amount.

What is dormant account in BDO?

A savings account is dormant if it has no client-initiated activity for two (2) years. Collection will start five (5) years after the last client-initiated activity date.

What is an aa02 form?

The AA02 form is suitable for a dormant limited company that has never traded since its incorporation. Companies House would issue late filing penalty if your dormant account is delivered late even just by one day. The penalty starts from £150 to £1500 depending on how late. Remember to submit your confirmation statement with Companies House also.

Where do I Send my aa02 form to Companies House?

The person signing this form must be officially appointed and act as your company director and his/her personal details have been submitted to Companies House to act as a director. You may send your completed AA02 form to one of the following Companies House offices. Crown Way, Cardiff, Wales, CF14 3UZ.

What is a confirmation of share capital?

Confirmation of any called up share capital still due to the company from the shareholders. The confirmation of any cash held by the company in cash or in hand. Confirmation of the company’s net assets (the sum of called up share capital and cash held). The confirmation of any share capital that has been issued to shareholders.

How do I calculate share capital in current year?

Say if you issued 1 share, class ordinary, value of each share of £1 then your “share capital in current year” will be 1 share of £1 which is total value £1 and this goes into the “current period” box you mention.