What is fast torque exit HP Tuners?

What is fast torque exit HP Tuners?

fast torque exit is used to control blip downshifts on automatic transmissions. It is used to prevent rpm flaring after the shift. Usually a blip commands just enough positive torque for the throttle to match the revs and shift nice and smooth, after the shift completes this “extra torque” is usually ramped out.

What is torque MGMT?

Powertrain Torque Management is a control scheme to optimize engine torque and speed within the design contraints of the trans- mission and driveline.

Is it worth buying HP Tuners?

HP Tuners is a tool that can log your test runs, and you need the wideband O2 sensor in those logs to be able to tell if your engine is running rich or lean. If you only want to fix that one thing, and plan never to modify your engine again, then ZZP is probably a good investment.

What does torque reduction do?

Engine torque reduction is a computer strategy that has been used in vehicles for many years now. When the selector lever is used to place the transmission into reverse or drive from either park or neutral, a command is given to reduce engine torque.

What is upshift torque management?

During the entire duration of the shift, the transmission is handling the full engine power while slipping. The torque reduction combats the extra torque from engine acceleration only and will always make the shift faster. There is also an engine-side limit to how much torque reduction you can request.

How do I turn off traction control on my HP tuner?

Just reach over and hit the traction control button to “off”. The traction control feature is internal to the ABS module, it retards timing first (through the PCM) as an initial measure as well as shutting down the throttle blade on the ’05-06′ models.

What is code P2638?

P2638 code definition If the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) stores a P2638 trouble code, it indicates that a signal malfunction has been detected in the PCM or one of the other support modules, dealing specifically with the torque management feedback.

How much is a tune from HP Tuners?

HP Tuners requires the purchase of Licensing Credits in order to tune with an HP Tuners nGauge. The cost for each credit is $50.

Can you tune any car with HP Tuners?

Year/Model type licenses will work on an unlimited number of vehicles of that particular model and year. Unlimited vehicle group licenses will allow you to tune all vehicles that fall under that vehicle group category.

Can a tuner turn off traction control?

Yes, it can be turned off with a Predator or SCT handheld or by your tuner.