What is Cisco Nexus FabricPath?

What is Cisco Nexus FabricPath?

Introduced by Cisco in Nexus OS software Release 5.1(3), FabricPath allows architects to design highly scalable true Layer 2 fabrics. Similar to spanning tree, it provides an almost plug and play deployment model with the benefits of Layer 3 routing allowing FabricPath networks to scale at an unprecedented level.

What is vPC and vPC+?

vPC connects hosts and other devices to the network. vPC+ uses a pair of physical switches, like regular vPC does. vPC+ is different, as it creates a virtual switch. The rest of the fabricpath domain sees the host as connected to this virtual switch.

What are two benefits of Cisco FabricPath?

FabricPath offers following benefits:

  • Simplified configuration.
  • Maximizes bandwidth availability using ECMP.
  • Provides design flexibility, redundancy and fault tolerance.
  • No STP is required.
  • FabricPath works by the principle of Conversational MAC learning.
  • It offers ECMP and loop prevention by using TTL.

What is FabricPath networking?

FabricPath is Cisco’s proprietary, TRILL-based technology for encapsulating Ethernet frames across a routed network. Its goal is to combine the best aspects of a Layer 2 network with the best aspects of a Layer 3 network.

How do I verify packet drops on a Nexus 7000 switch?

Q. How do I verify packet drops on a Nexus 7000 Switch? A. Verify the Rx Pause and TailDrops fields from the output of the show interface {/} and show hardware internal errors module module # commands for the module with these ports.

What is enhanced vPC?

Enhanced vPC is a method that allows the connection of FEX in an active-active manner using vPC between the FEX and upstream Nexus switch, and at the same time connection of a device to the FEX host interfaces with a vPC.

Why do we need FabricPath?

Cisco FabricPath is about routing your data center traffic and helps doing load-sharing. It combines both Layer 2 and Layer 3 functions, thus giving simplicity of Layer 2 and also the intelligence of Layer 3. On the other hand, STP is only plug and play and does not have any Layer 3 intelligence.