What is Carlos Ruiz doing right now?

What is Carlos Ruiz doing right now?

Ruiz remained with the Phillies until 2016, when they traded him to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He saw more postseason action there, before ending his career with the Seattle Mariners in 2017. The 42-year-old now lives in his native Panama with his family, spends time on his horse farm and runs a construction company.

Why do they call Carlos Ruiz Chooch?

Though a quiet individual, Ruiz frequently muttered “chucha” (a strong curse word in Panama) under his breath, and teammate Anderson Machado thus began to address Ruiz as “chucha”, which was later shortened to “Chooch”, and the nickname’s usage snowballed from there.

Who did Carlos Ruiz retire with?

34 in ceremony attended by longtime catcher Carlos Ruiz.

What happened to Chooch from the Phillies?

Chooch was traded on Thursday afternoon and he’s since departed for potentially playoff-bound pastures with his new-again teammate Chase Utley and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

When did chooch retire?

After 11 seasons with the Phillies, Ruiz was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in August of 2016, and appeared in 53 games for the Seattle Mariners in 2017 before retiring at age 38.

Who caught 4 no hitters?

Two catchers have been behind the plate for four no-hitters, including the postseason: Jason Varitek and Carlos Ruiz, who are tied for the most in history.

Who is the best Guatemalan soccer player?

Carlos Ruiz (Guatemalan footballer)

Personal information
Date of birth 15 September 1979
Place of birth Guatemala City, Guatemala
Height 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Position(s) Striker

Where was Ruiz born?

Guatemala City, GuatemalaCarlos Ruiz / Place of birth

Who threw no-hitters in 2021?

So far in 2021, nine no-hitters have been thrown: The Padres’ Joe Musgrove kicked off no-no season on April 9 vs. the Rangers. White Sox starter Carlos Rodon downed division rival Cleveland on April 14.

Why is Guatemala not in FIFA game?

FIFA has imposed a life ban from football on a Guatemalan official who took bribes linked to marketing deals for World Cup qualifying games.