What is AX module?

What is AX module?

Dynamics AX is an ERP, an Enterprise Resource Planning tool. Like other ERPs, it will support enterprises in their daily tasks to better manage their resources, inventory, teams, and the core processes of their business.

What is AX model?

The model store is a database in which all application elements for Microsoft Dynamics AX are stored. Customizations are also stored in the model store. The model store replaces the Application Object Data (AOD) files that were used in earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

What is Dynamics AX called now?

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
This version lasted only a few months, though, as Dynamics AX was rebranded Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations in October 2016, and once more as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in July 2017. An additional version is available focusing on Retail branded as Dynamics 365 for Retail.

What is d365 project?

A project is a group of activities that is designed to provide a service, produce a product, or achieve a result. Projects consume resources and generate financial results in the form of revenues or assets.

How many layers are there in AX 2012?

The Layer concept is unique to Microsoft Dynamics AX Development and can cause some confusion for developers who are new to the AX development environment. In Dynamics AX we have 8 standard layers, plus 8 patch layers.

What is layer d365?

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, a layer system is used to manage elements. The USR layer is the top layer and the SYS layer is the bottom layer, and each layer has a corresponding patch layer above it.

What is PSA in d365?

The Project Service Automation (PSA) application helps organizations efficiently track, manage, and deliver project-based services, from the initial sale all the way to invoicing. The app enables you to: Plan projects, and create estimates and work schedules. Estimate and track project cost and revenue.

What are the cost account of a project?

Cost accounts are used to allocate the budget at a lower level. Cost accounts are formally established in your organization’s General Ledger so that your budget is actually allocated in each detailed cost account and the actual project expenses are reported at that level as well.

WHAT IS AN AX platform?

Dynamics AX is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package for finance and operations. It helps global enterprises organize, automate, and optimize their processes on-premises, in the cloud, or through hybrid deployment. It’s part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite of intelligent business applications.