What is another word for let alone?

What is another word for let alone?

Synonyms of let alone

  • much less,
  • never mind,
  • still less.

What is the idiom let alone?

(idiomatic, chiefly in the negative) Much less; to say nothing of; used after one negative clause to introduce another, usually broader and more important clause, whose negation is implied by the negation of the first.

Can you say let it alone?

The phrase is used to emphasize that if other more significant or pressing things are not possible or cannot be accommodated, a lesser thing certainly is not or cannot either. I hardly had time to brush my teeth this morning, let alone do my hair! We can’t afford a vacation, let alone a trip to Disney World.

How do you say let alone in an essay?

Explanation: You can use “let alone” in academic writing, but not in this case. When “… x, let alone y”, y is in addition to x or raised in degree compared to x, but decidedly not a part of x.

Where did the phrase let alone come from?

Merriam-Webster states that the first known usage of the phrase let alone was in 1765. Etymonline states that the phrase “let alone,” used to mean “abstain from interfering with” comes from Old English. In 1812, it began to take on the meaning “not to mention” or “to say nothing of.

How do you put let alone in a sentence?

Let-alone sentence example

  1. There was one vent in the ceiling, not large enough for her hand let alone her body.
  2. I can hardly walk let alone lift a weapon.
  3. I’ve never begged anyone for anything, let alone mercy.
  4. He left, barely able to see straight let alone think straight.
  5. He can’t find souls, let alone demons.

How do you punctuate let alone?

The structure of the sentence is what comes before the comma is some kind of negative statement. Right after the comma is “let alone,” followed by the rest of the sentence.

How do you use the phrase let alone in a sentence?

Do we say left alone or let alone?

“Leave alone” means to leave a person all by himself (in solitude). Please leave me alone, I don’t want company. Alvin needs to study, so let’s leave him alone in his room. “Let alone,” on the other hand, means to stop bothering the person.

What’s more synonym formal?

adverbin addition; as well. added to. additionally. along with.

Is let alone same as much less?

“let alone: used for saying that something is even less likely to happen than another unlikely thing: I hardly have time to think these days, let alone relax. much less: used after a negative statement in order to emphasize that it applies even more to what you say next: I am no one’s spokesman, much less his.”

Does a comma come before let alone?