What is an Acetabuloplasty?

What is an Acetabuloplasty?

acetabuloplasty: any surgical remodeling of the cup side of the hip joint.

What is Interportal capsulotomy?

The most common capsular entry technique is the interportal capsulotomy, where the capsule and iliofemoral ligament are incised in line between the anterolateral portal (ALP) and the mid-anterior portal (MAP) or direct anterior portal.

What is capsular closure?

During hip arthroscopy the capsule is penetrated to improve access and visibility of the joint structures. Hip capsule closure is a procedure to repair the hip capsule after hip arthroscopy.

What is the hip capsule?

The hip capsule contains the articulation of the femoral head within the acetabulum, as well as the labrum, transverse acetabular ligament, and ligamentum teres, all of which act to protect and stabilize the joint.

What is Acetabuloplasty and Femoroplasty?

A femoroplasty consists of removing the bony abnormality (cam lesion) on the femur and reshaping the femoral head and neck junction into a normal, round sphere. Cases of mixed type impingement may require both a femoroplasty and an acetabuloplasty, which can be performed during the same surgery.

What Is hip Arthro Acetabuloplasty?

Acetabuloplasty: An acetabuloplasty entails taking away the area of over coverage on the acetabular side to relieve the bony impingement and create space allowing normal motion of the hip.

What is a cam lesion?

A CAM lesion is the formation of extra bone on the head of the femur (ball) resulting in a ‘bump’. This extra bone can cause pain as it impinges with the acetabulum (socket) with joint movement.

What is capsule repair?

Repairing the torn capsule and ligament back to the bone is called a Bankhart repair, and tightening the capsule of the shoulder is called a capsular shift. All of these procedures can be done with arthroscopic techniques.

What is a hip capsule repair?

During hip arthroscopy, a small window is created in the capsule (interportal capsulotomy) to permit access to the various structures inside the hip joint including the labrum, cartilage, and bony elements.

What is the zona orbicularis?

The zona orbicularis are circular fibers of the hip joint capsule and form a collar around the femoral neck. Though partly blended with the pubofemoral and ischiofemoral ligaments, these fibers are not directly attached to bone.