What is a Swift code Bank Windhoek?

What is a Swift code Bank Windhoek?

Bank Windhoek’s SWIFT code is BWLINANX and can be used by all customers wishing to make payments to Bank Windhoek.

How do I send easy wallet?


  1. How to send an EasyWallet with CellPhone Banking.
  2. Dial *140*295#
  3. Enter your CellPhone Banking PIN.
  4. Select EasyWallet from the menu.
  5. Select Send Money.
  6. Enter a valid 081 number and confirm.
  7. Enter the amount and confirm.
  8. How to send an EasyWallet with Mobile App.

What is Bank Windhoek branch code?

List last updated on 1 June 2016.

Bank Branch Name Branch Code
Bank Windhoek Cash Centre 482872
Bank Windhoek Central Administrative Branch 482372
Bank Windhoek Corporate 484072
Bank Windhoek Eenhana 483973

How do I register with Windhoek app?

  1. Download and install the Bank Windhoek App.
  2. • Open the Bank Windhoek Mobile App.
  3. • Click on Register.
  4. “Register for Mobile Application” screen is displayed with identification method options.
  5. • Type in current iBank username.

Does Bank Windhoek have 32 days?

Your invested funds are released 32, 60 or 88 days after you have given us notice. Interest is calculated daily and capitalised monthly.

What is IBAN number for Bank Windhoek?

Bank Windhoek reports that a combination of the branch code and account number could be used as an IBAN number to make transfers, so if your branch code is 480216 and your account number is 8001234567, the IBAN would be 4802168001234567.

How do I register for mobile banking with Windhoek?

To register for limited access Cellphone Banking, please dial *140*295# and follow the message prompts. To register for Full Access Cellphone Banking, please visit your nearest branch to complete an application form.

What is Bank Windhoek easy wallet?

EasyWallet offers our clients Full Access Cellphone Banking, an easier method to send money to Bank Windhoek or non-Bank Windhoek clients, using their mobile device.

What is my branch code Standard Bank?

SA Universal branch codes

Bank name Universal branch code
Investec 580 105
Nedbank 198 765
SA Post Bank (Post Office) 460 005
Standard Bank 051 001

How do I access my Windhoek cellphone banking?

How can I access Cellphone Banking? To access Cellphone Banking features to do banking, dial *140*295#.

How do I register for Bank Windhoek cellphone banking?

Can I open a Bank Windhoek account online?

“For the first time we are excited that our clients can apply online for products in the comfort of their home and not having to visit a branch,” said Pack. Apart from the Online Application feature, Bank Windhoek’s new website also boasts: Being able to find a Bank Windhoek Branch/ATM using Google Maps.