What is a per worksheet?

What is a per worksheet?

The PER Worksheet is a planning tool that provides layman-term prompts for identifying health behavior antecedents. It encompasses five common health behavior theories-health belief model, theory of planned behavior, social cognitive theory, an ecological perspective, and transtheoretical model.

What is an example of a predisposing factor?

For the purposes of this review, predisposing factors were operationalized as inherent variables that increase the child’s risk for anticipatory distress, for example, preexisting aspects of the child such as age, gender, or temperament as well as socio-demographic variables of the parent or environment.

What are examples of enabling factors?

Enabling factors, which include health-related skills, and resources (e.g., training), facilitate a behavior’s occurrence. Reinforcing factors occur after a behavior, and include the incentives and rewards, with the increased probability that the behavior will recur at the next opportunity.

What are reinforcing factors?

Reinforcing Factors: Factors following a behavior that provide continuing reward or incentive for the persistence or repetition of the behavior.

What is work book in Excel?

A workbook is a file that contains one or more worksheets to help you organize data. You can create a new workbook from a blank workbook or a template. Newer versions Office 2010.

What is worksheet and workbook?

Answer: A single page in a file prepared with an electronic spreadsheet tool such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets is referred to as a worksheet. An Excel file with one or more worksheets is referred to as a workbook.

What predisposing means?

1 : to dispose in advance a good teacher predisposes children to learn. 2 : to make susceptible malnutrition predisposes one to disease. intransitive verb. : to bring about susceptibility.

Is gender a predisposing factor?

Gender factor is not related to developing CIN and non-renal CM-ADR. Gender is not a predisposing factor of CM-ADRs under current evidences.

What is meant by enabling factors?

The concept and the implementation of enabling factors emerged from the behavioral sciences. Enabling factors are forces that facilitate or impede individual, collective, or environmental change based on their level of availability.

What are enabling characteristics?

Enabling factors, or resources, include family characteristics such as income, insurance coverage, access to services (transportation and distance to care), and community characteristics such as availability of resources and region of the country.

Is smoking an enabling factor?

Enabling factors are the accessibility and availability of cigarettes at home and school. Reinforcing factors include smoking by family members, peers and teachers, and cigarette advertising.

What is an enabling risk factor?

Enabling factors include items such as the individual’s income, health insurance status, and access to a source of regular care. Finally, predisposing factors include demographic variables, socioeconomic status, attitudes, and beliefs.