What is a Milpersman?

What is a Milpersman?

The MILPERSMAN is a living document used primarily to administer Navy military human resources policy and procedures.

What is Navpers 1070881?

NAVPERS 1070/881 – Training, Education and Qualification History.

Who is Opnav N13?

OPNAV N13 provides integrated policy defining and shaping the Navy workforce to enable mission execution for the Navy enterprises, and provides strategic directions, plans, policy and oversight.

What does current DSC mean Navy?

Duty Status Code
Gain. A Reserve gain occurs when a Sailor’s electronic. record is brought to full strength in Navy Standard Integrated. Personnel System (NSIPS), and the Duty Status Code (DSC) is 200. and Strength Code (SC) is 1.

What is considered a serious offense in the Navy?

Commission of a Serious Offense and Civilian Conviction An individual must be processed for separation when misconduct resulted in, or had the potential to result in, death or serious bodily injury. (The Navy cites examples such as homicide, arson, armed robbery, as well as spouse and child abuse.)

What is commission of a serious offense?

Commission of a Serious Offense (paragraph 12-1c). Requires evidence of a specific military or civilian offense that warrants discharge and authorizes a punitive discharge under the UCMJ. A punitive discharge must be authorized for conviction of the same or a closely related offense.

How do I access my OMPF?

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you can access information in your OMPF. To request and receive copies of your OMPF documents securely online, use the DPRIS page in milConnect.

What is a Navpers 1070 887 form issued to a sailor who was awarded nonjudicial punishment?

NAVPERS 1070/887 will be used to annotate the OMPF of any Service member who is convicted at court-martial or awarded NJP for sex-related offense(s), as listed in paragraph 1b above, regardless of recommendation for retention or separation from naval service.

Can enlisted date foreign officers?

Under both revised and previous policy, enlisted sailors may be able to date as long as they are not in the same direct chain of command, officials said. The same applies to officers.

What is Netpdc N321?

2) Naval Education and Training Professional Development Center (NETPDC) (N321) has the final approval for all late exam requests but all SELRES late exam requests must come through the Navy Reserve Force ESOs prior to contacting NETPDC.

What is a DSC in the military?

The Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) is the United States Army’s second highest military decoration for soldiers who display extraordinary heroism in combat with an armed enemy force.

What is a DSM in the military?

Silver Star Medal. The Distinguished Service Medal (DSM) is a military decoration of the United States Army that is presented to soldiers who have distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious service to the government in a duty of great responsibility.

What is a designator number in the Navy?

Each occupation is identified by a designator. The officer billet designator codes are four-digit numbers used to identify the primary naval specialty qualifications required of the billet incumbent and to administratively categorize officer billets for proper management and identification.

What are the different types of Navy commissioned officer designators?

Some of the number designators with these jobs are: 6110 / 6120 / 6130 (Surface), 6150 – SEAL. All officer jobs, assignments, and promotions are based on performance and needs of the Navy. Below are the primary Navy commissioned officer designators: Baccalaureate Degree Completion Program (BDCP)

What is the number of EOD in the Navy?

The number designators associated with many of these jobs are: 1110 – Surface Warfare Officer, 1120 – Submarine Officer, 1130 – Navy SEAL, 1140 – Navy EOD Officer.

What are the 615X and 621x codes in the Navy?

615X Special Warfare (NOTE: Phased out as of July 2018, per NAVPERS 15839I, Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classifications, Vol. 1, Part A). 616X Ordnance (Surface). 618X Electronics (Surface). 620X Nuclear Power (General) (NOTE: Formerly designator 640X). 621X Deck (Submarine). 623X Engineering/Repair (Submarine).