What is a Hypodensity in the spleen?

What is a Hypodensity in the spleen?

• Most hypodense splenic lesions on CT represent benign lesions that require no further work-up. • For correct interpretation, hypodense splenic lesions need to be evaluated in the clinical context.

What does Hypodense mean on CT scan?

The appearance of tissues on a CT scan is described in terms of ‘density’. Darker structures are ‘hypodense or low density’; brighter structures are ‘hyperdense or high density’. Blood Can Be Very Bad is a mnemonic that can be used when faced with interpreting a CT head scan: Blood. Cisterns.

Are hypodense lesions cancerous?

concluded that finding a small, hypodense lesion in the liver in a patient with otherwise no definite metastases was a benign finding. Krakora et al. [21], in a study of 153 patients with breast cancer, discovered small hypoattenuating hepatic lesions in 35%.

What is the meaning of Hypodense?

Noun. hypodensity (plural hypodensities) (medicine) An area of an X-ray image that is less dense than normal, or than the surrounding areas.

What does Hypodensity mean?

What does a spot on the spleen indicate?

In the immunocompromised patient, multiple small splenic lesions usually represent disseminated fungal disease and microabscesses. The spleen is a relatively rare site for metastatic disease; patients with metastatic lesions in the spleen usually have disease in other sites as well.

What is a small hypodense lesion?

Abstract. Small hypodense renal lesions with a round shape are frequently detected on CT scans of the upper abdomen after contrast medium administration. In nearly all cases these round hypodensities are simple small cysts with no clinical significance.

What is the most common benign tumor of the spleen?

Hemangioma is the most common benign neoplasm of spleen and most splenic hemangiomas are found incidentally on imaging. Rarely they can be multiple or diffuse as seen in hemangiomatosis or be associated with generalized angiomatosis syndromes.

What does a spot on the spleen mean?

What is a Hypodensity?

Hypodense (less dense): If an abnormality is less dense than the reference structure, we would describe it as hypodense.