What is a hybrid equivalent to in irons?

What is a hybrid equivalent to in irons?

Hybrid clubs are numbered and are generally designed to replace the iron with the same number – for example, a 3-hybrid would replace a 3-iron. However, a typical golfer will likely hit the ball a bit farther with a hybrid than with an iron of the same number.

What hybrid is equivalent to a 4 iron?

Typically, a 3-iron is replaced by a 19 degree hybrid or a 5-wood, a 4-iron is replaced by a 22 degree hybrid or a 7-wood, a 5-iron is replaced by a 25 degree hybrid, and a 6-iron is replaced by a 28 degree hybrid.

Is a 4 hybrid the same as a 4 iron?

Key Differences Between A 4 Hybrid vs 4 Iron For the most part, the hybrids deliver a high and straight ball flight. That makes it easier for the average golfer to get their ball airborne and achieve consistent carry and distance. On the other hand, a 4-iron has a more compact head and launches at a mid to low degree.

Why use a hybrid instead of an iron?

Hybrids can also be of use in the rough and on chip shots. In the rough, hybrids produce less drag than an iron, and it’s easier to stay square on shots. For chip shots, choking up on a hybrid and letting the club’s natural loft take over is a surefire way to be more accurate in your ball placement.

What hybrid is equivalent to a 7 iron?

Thomas AT705 Loft Replaces Thomas:
5 Hybrid Iron 27° 5 Iron / 11 wood
6 Hybrid Iron 30° 6 Iron / 13 wood
7 Hybrid Iron 34° 7 Iron / 15 wood
8 Hybrid Iron 38° 8 Iron / 17 wood

Is 5 hybrid the same as 5 iron?

As a general rule of thumb, hybrids are numbered and have lofts along the same scale as irons, so a 5-hybrid will, in theory, do the same job as this 5-iron and can replace it in a set. However, this is only a rule of thumb as there is no industry-defined standard to equate irons to hybrids.

Is 7 hybrid the same as 7 iron?

The clearest difference between a 7-hybrid and 7-iron is the design of the club. Irons are compact, while a hybrid has a wider sole and is chunkier. As a result, the sweet spot on a hybrid is larger, offering more forgiveness and consistent ball speed across the face.