What is a good sentence for treacherous?

What is a good sentence for treacherous?

1 Snow and ice have left many roads treacherous, and motorists are warned to drive slowly. 2 He publicly left the party and denounced its treacherous leaders. 3 The road becomes treacherous when it is iced up. 4 The surface water made the road treacherous for drivers.

What is an example of sophistry?

Sophistry is the deliberate use of a false argument with the intent to trick someone or a false or untrue argument. An example of sophistry is when you use a fact in an argument to make your point even though you know the point is false. Plausible but fallacious argumentation.

What does assaulted mean?

a : a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person (as by lifting a fist in a threatening manner) that puts the person in immediate danger of or in apprehension (see apprehension sense 1) of such harm or contact — compare battery sense 1b. b : rape entry 1 sense 1.Il y a 6 jours

What does it mean if something is ubiquitous?

: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread a ubiquitous fashion.

How do you use ubiquitous in a sentence?

Ubiquitous sentence example

  1. Computers are becoming increasingly ubiquitous .
  2. He aims to make his product ubiquitous by selling it internationally.
  3. We live in a society where the term “risk” has become ubiquitous .
  4. They are ubiquitous environmental contaminants of considerable persistence.

How do you use the word nomenclature in a sentence?

Nomenclature in a Sentence ?

  1. In law school, students spend years learning legal nomenclature so they will be prepared to work as attorneys.
  2. What is the name of the scientific nomenclature in which sharks are studied?

What is sophistry mean?

subtly deceptive reasoning

Is Treachery a crime?

Treachery is an offence in several countries. The name treachery was chosen because it is a synonym for treason. …

How do you use sophistry in a sentence?

Sophistry sentence example

  1. When at a loss for good reasons, he had recourse to sophistry ; and when heated by altercation, he made unsparing use of sarcasm and invective.
  2. They are a strange blend of sophistry , superstition, sound sense and solid argument.

What is treacherous Behaviour?

Treachery is behavior or an action in which someone betrays their country or betrays a person who trusts them.

What are the example of ubiquitous?

The definition of ubiquitous is something that seems to be present at the same time, everywhere. An example of ubiquitous is people using the Internet. Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.