What is a good price for a bathroom faucet?

What is a good price for a bathroom faucet?

Faucet Installation Cost

Location Average Cost To Replace
Bathroom Faucet $130 – $350
Bathtub Faucet $150 – $400
Outdoor Faucet $50 – $150
Install Sink & Faucet $400 – $1,000

Are all widespread faucets the same size?

Bathroom sink faucets are not the same size and are not designed to fit all sinks universally. That said, excluding specialty built custom work, bathroom faucets are regularly manufactured in one of four different spacing configurations to accommodate the most common and popular faucet types: Single-Hole.

What is the standard spread on a bathroom faucet?

Measure for Standard Spacing 4 inches is the standard spacing for the compact centerset faucets, a single-piece faucet needing either three holes, for the hot and cold water valves and the drain popup, or two holes with no popup.

How long do bathroom faucets last?

15 to 20 years
Kitchen and bathroom faucets can last 15 to 20 years. A faucet’s lifespan depends mainly on how well the faucet is made and the water quality. Appropriate upkeep can extend the life expectancy of a faucet. Constant repair work can imply replacement is required.

How much does it cost to install a sink faucet?

Prices generally range from $150-$200. That does not include the price of the new sink. For a new sink installation, expect to pay around $400 total….Sink installation cost:

National average cost $170
Average cost range $150-$200
Low-end cost $75-$90
High-end cost $380-$481

How much does it cost to replace bathtub fixtures?

Written by HomeAdvisor. It costs an average of $350 to replace or repair a bathtub faucet, with a typical range of $300 to $400. However, it may cost you as much as $1,000 to replace a faucet entirely or as little as $25 to do a simple repair.

Can I replace centerset faucet with widespread?

Technically, yes, you can replace a centerset faucet with a widespread faucet. That being said, the holes that are drilled for centerset faucets are usually 4 inches on center. Unfortunately, the majority of widespread faucets will not fit in that space.

What does centerset mean?

The four-inch measurement for a centerset faucet refers to the center to center distance between the two furthest mounting holes. Centerset faucets have three mounting holes. There’s space for a connection to each tap and then the mixing connection for the spout in the middle.

What is the difference between widespread and mini widespread faucets?

You often see a widespread faucet on a granite or marble countertop. It’s the type of faucet that, when viewed from above, doesn’t appear to have anything connecting the handles and the spout. A mini widespread faucet is the version for bathroom counters. Its handles are separated by 4 inches.

What is the difference between widespread and centerset faucets?

The primary difference between widespread faucets and centerset faucets is in their design and installation. Widespread faucets come with separate handles. They are not connected and they are not mounted onto a base plate. Centerset faucets usually come as a single unit, with the faucet and handles connected.

What is a widespread faucet?

Widespread faucets feature separate hot and cold handles that are independent from the spout and can be mounted on the countertop or on sinks. It can be mounted on sinks with three holes that fit 8 inches to 16 inches from one side to the other. They are available in a wide range of styles and finishes.