What is a good Moveset for Walrein?

What is a good Moveset for Walrein?

Best moveset for Walrein The best moves for Walrein are Waterfall and Blizzard when attacking Pokémon in Gyms. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles.

Is Walrein good competitively?

Despite working best as a decent Ice-type check, it is weak to Stealth Rock and many offensive threats like Kabutops, Lycanroc, and Victreebel are able to deal a lot of damage to it. This, along with its lack of reliable recovery, makes Walrein much frailer than one would expect.

Is Walrein good in Pokémon?

With its new Community Day moves, it’s safe to say that Walrein is more than good as the Ice Break Pokemon becomes an instant threat in Pokemon GO’s PVP mode. According to PVPoke, it is instantly propelled to becoming the 5th best Pokemon in the whole of the Great League, or 4th if it’s an unpurified Shadow Pokemon.

Is Walrein good for PVP?

Thankfully, even with what it has today, Walrein has moves that do well in PvP. Earthquake is a great move for the cost, with a very robust 1.85 Damage Per Energy (DPE). (For reference, even most really good PvP moves like Shadow Ball, Moonblast, and Stone Edge have a lower DPE…

What is best nature for Walrein?

You can build Walrein a few ways, but the best would be either as a Special Attacker or Wall — for this, the best Natures are Modest or Calm. It should be noted that Walrein can technically do well as an Attacker, and so Adamant would be the Nature for that role.

What Pokémon should I use against Walrein?

The best Pokemon Go Walrein counters are Shadow Machamp, Shadow Raikou, Mega Manectric, Shadow Zapdos, Shadow Electivire & Shadow Hariyama.

What nature is best for Walrein?

Why is Walrein so good?

Walrein finally has stats befitting a final-stage Pokémon. It has pretty balanced stats; high HP, good special attack and good defenses which combined with those HP makes it quite bulky. You still had to baby it for a while that is made longer by Spheal and Sealeo being pretty mediocre Pokémon.

Is there a mega Walrein?

Pokemon 8365 Mega Walrein Pokedex: Evolution, Moves, Location, Stats.

Is Walrein good Pokémon Emerald?

Walrein is definitely going to win hands down. It has one of the highest base stat total, not counting legendaries. If you want a good Ice pokemon, Walrein can’t do wrong. The only thing bad is its ungifted low speed, but Azumarill’s is even lower.

What is Walrein weak to?


Is Walrein good BDSP?

Walrein can be found with Thick Fat, Ice Body and Oblivious as an Ability and has a Medium Slow growth rate with a 3 HP EV Yield. We recommend the Quiet Nature, based on 530 combined Base Stats….Walrein Stats and Abilities.

Walrein Detail
Egg Groups Field, Water 1
Egg Cycles 20 (4,884–5,140 steps)