What is a Deutsch connector?

What is a Deutsch connector?

Deutsch Series & Kits: DT, DTM, DTP, DTHD and much more! The Deutsch connector system is an electrical interconnection device for severe conditions and harsh environments that provides a superior solution to any harnessing need.

What are Deutsch as standard series connectors?

As the original autosport dedicated range of connectors, DEUTSCH AS Standard Series Connectors were the first range of high-specification connectors designed specifically for the professional racing industry.

Why Deutsch circular connectors?

TE’s DEUTSCH circular connectors are designed and manufactured to withstand conditions found in aerospace, military, nuclear, marine, oil and gas, and autosport. Global technology support and distribution are positioned to supply quality products for the right application almost anywhere in the world.

Why TE Connectivity Deutsch?

For more than 70 years, TE Connectivity (TE)’s DEUTSCH connectors have reliably performed in some of the harshest environments. For aerospace, defense, marine, industrial commercial transportation, and rail, our DEUTSCH product line includes wires, connectors, contacts, accessories, and subsea power cables.

Deutsch connectors are a series of environmentally sealed connectors designed for use in harsh conditions where field serviceability is an absolute must. They are built in such a way that they can be disconnected and reconnected a multitude of times making them an ideal choice for a range of applications.

How do I choose a Deutsch connector?

Selecting the Right Connector

  1. Step 1 – Circuit Amperage. Determine the circuit amperage requirements for your application.
  2. Step 2 – Number of Cavities. How many contacts do you need?
  3. Step 3 – Pin Type. The last step is selecting the type of pins and sockets you prefer.

How many amps can a Deutsch?

25 to 100 amps
Deutsch DTHD Series Connectors: DTHD connectors are available in three sizes, carry 25 to 100 amps, and can be mounted or used in-line.

Is Deutsch owned by TE?

Rugged solutions for harsh environments Today, DEUTSCH is part of the family brands of TE and expands the product portfolio in military specs, such as the MIL-DTL-38999 DEUTSCH connector series. DEUTSCH connectors are also leaders in autosport and motosport applications.

What is pin and socket?

is that pin is a small device, made (usually) of drawn-out steel wire with one end sharpened and the other flattened or rounded into a head, used for fastening while socket is (mechanics) an opening into which a plug or other connecting part is designed to fit (eg a light bulb socket ).

What gauge wire do I need for a Deutsch DT connector?

According to Deutsch, there are five different (common) connector termination sizes: 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20. These sizes mate with their own size no matter the gauge of wire used. The Deutsch DT – series connectors offered by Summit Racing work with 16-18 gauge wire and 14-16 gauge wire.

What is Deutsch DRC series connector?

The Deutsch DRC Series Connector is a rectangular connector that offers insert arrangements of 24,40,50,60,64,70,76, and 80 cavities. These connectors accept size 12,16 and 20 contacts and are available in In-line, Flange Mount and PCB mounting options.

What is a DT connector?

The DT connector system is the choice for many top NASCAR, IRL, Grand American Road Racing Association Racing Teams, and by leading equipment manufactures due to its reliability and common terminal/crimper system. Deutsch DTM Series of connectors feature a miniature contact with an enhanced design based on the field-proven Deutsch “DT” Series.