What is a basturma?

What is a basturma?

Basturma (or abouhkd, pastirma) is a type of highly seasoned air-dried cured beef. It’s believed to be Armenian or Turkish in origin but it’s popular in the cuisines of several other countries like Greece, Egypt, Bulgaria, and North Macedonia.

What is Armenian food culture?

Armenian food traditions were formed over thousands of years in the Armenian Highlands, a fertile region well-suited to growing wheat, lentils, apricots, figs, and pomegranate. However, its location made it a prime place for conflict between warring empires which in turn made Armenian food culture subject to constant change.

What to eat&drink in Armenia?

Dolma (or tolma) is one of the most popular traditional foods in Armenia. It’s widely considered to be an Armenian national dish and is equally popular in the cuisines of many countries in the Balkans, the South Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Levant.

What is Armenian cuisine like in the Caucasus?

Waves of immigration further altered the face of Armenian cuisine to the point that Armenian dishes consumed in the Caucasus are often vastly different from the Armenian foods familiar to the diaspora. The perfect example is choreg, an Armenian Easter bread made with ground sour cherry seeds.