What is a back actor used for?

What is a back actor used for?

A back actor (backactor or sometimes backacter) is a type of earth moving plant used on construction sites to place and transport excavated soil. It is sometimes referred to as a backhoe, backhoe loader or rear actor, and may also be informally referred to as a JCB.

What is the best TLB in South Africa?

Top 3 CAT TLB models to consider for the job

  • 422F2. One of the most popular TLB models offers by CAT, the 422F2 delivers on performance thanks to a 4.4-litre naturally aspirated motor.
  • 434 Backhoe Loader. This CAT TLB provides a proven engine in the form of a 68.5kW/384Nm unit.
  • 444 Backhoe Loader.

What is TLB excavator?

TLB stands for tractor loader backhoe. They are versatile, multipurpose pieces of machinery that can be used to dig the earth and load up materials such as rubble and sand. Being lightweight they are easily able to move around on their own and if need be they can move faster than their bigger, bulkier counterparts.

What is a digger called in America?

A backhoe—also called rear actor or back actor—is a type of excavating equipment, or digger, consisting of a digging bucket on the end of a two-part articulated arm.

Why is it called a backhoe loader?

The backhoe is usually mounted on the back end of the tractor. It is called backhoe due to its digging motion which is in the backward direction towards the machine unlike the way humans shovel things straight outwards. The backhoe is capable of digging much deeper compared to the loader.

Is backhoe and excavator the same?

The main difference between the two machines is size — excavators are larger and heavier, while backhoes are slightly smaller. The excavator is typically a better fit for demolition projects, mining, driving piles, drilling shafts for rock blasting, and overall large-scale industrial projects.

How much is TLB training?

TLB training TLB course cost is R4500 and takes 1 week. After the TLB operator training course, a student attains a TLB licence and TLB certification.

Who needs a TLB?

In modern areas, the main use of the TLB is for building. From offices needing an extra strong foundation to road excavations, hiring a TLB is a must. In the more rural setting, such as a farming district, the TLB can be used to prepare the land for planting.

What does TLB stand for?


Acronym Definition
TLB Translation Lookaside Buffer
TLB Tractor-Loader-Backhoe
TLB Text Library
TLB Tool Bar

What is mini ex?

The mini excavator goes by many names including the mini ex, small excavator, mini digger, mini hoe and compact excavator. No matter what you call this machine, the small compact excavator is small enough to get any type of precise digging done.

What is a TLB and what can it do?

TLBs are extremely versatile machines that can dig as well as load. Being relatively lightweight, they can travel between sites under their own power, or they can be moved with Low Beds. Site clearance or site clean-ups, trenching, and general earthworks.

Why choose the case TLB?

Customers around the world have built their success on the power and performance of the CASE backhoe. The 4,5 litre FPT engine with high power and torque density dramatically reduces service time ensuring the lowest maintenance costs in the market. The TLB is also safe and easy to maintain.

When will I receive my TLB when I activate it?

You will start receiving your vehicle as soon as you activate the via the link in the email. Find TLBs for sale in South Africa listed on AgriMag. Contact dealer on: 0836284519.

Where can I buy a TLB in South Africa?

You will start receiving your vehicle as soon as you activate the via the link in the email. Find TLBs for sale in South Africa listed on AgriMag. Contact dealer on: 0836284519. Your details have also been sent to the dealer. A used 2005 model WB93R model, 8 850 hours, 4×4, fully refurbished hydraulic pump, POA. Contact Graeme Cave on 083 628 4519.