What is 924h?

What is 924h?

924H Features Loader Linkage Cat exclusive VersaLink™ Loader Linkage delivers strength and versatility to help you do more tasks, faster. The high lift linkage

How can I Make my 924h the most versatile machine?

Make your 924H the most versatile machine on the jobsite with Caterpillar’s broad range of work tools. VersaLink™ Loader Linkage Loader design delivers unmatched versatility. Linkage Design The Cat exclusive VersaLink™ design provides toolcarrier controllability, versatility and parallel lift with the strength,

Why VersaLink furniture?

Versalink was founded in 1991 to cater to the Malaysian furniture market. Despite being yet another player in the furniture industry, we soon distinguished ourselves ahead of our competitors with our innovative designs that combined aesthetic beauty, ergonomic technology, durability, and comfort.

What are the dimensions of the VersaLink?

Standard VersaLink High Lift VersaLink 1Height to top of ROPS/FOPS 3227 mm (10 ft 7 in) 3226 mm (10 ft 7 in) 2Height to top of exhaust stack 3211 mm (10 ft 6 in) 3210 mm (10 ft 6 in) 3Height to top of hood 2219 mm (7 ft 3 in) 2218 mm (7 ft 3 in)