What hero can counter venomancer?

What hero can counter venomancer?


Hero Dis. Hero Win Rate
Nature’s Prophet 3.73% 55.75%
Phantom Lancer 3.52% 49.42%
Legion Commander 3.37% 47.29%
Arc Warden 3.34% 47.44%

How do you use the Viper in Dota 2?

Use Poison Attack to slow down fleeing opponents. Use Poison Attack in combination with Viper Strike to kite and control melee carries. Use Poison Attack in combination with Viper Strike to cripple a target’s physical DPS.

How do you make a hero guide in Dota 2?

The option you’re looking for is located in game menu, you should navigate to Learn – Hero Guides and click ‘Create’ button. It will allow you to create your own in-game guide with an itembuild, skillbuild and your commentaries. You will also be able to publish this guide so that other players can see it.

Is Venomancer viable?

Survivability. Venomancers have excellent survivability, especially when compared to other Arcane Armor classes.

What is Venomancer good at?

Good against… Venomancer’s slows and magical damage-over-time work well against Axe’s complete lack of mobility. Blink Dagger on cooldown. For the same reasons, Venomancer is a good ally for Axe when the situation is reversed.

Is venomancer a good hero to play?

13. Venomancer is an agility support hero with great push, anti-push and the ability to roam and semi-carry. He’s got a great early lane presence, kicking out massive amounts of harassment damage, and also has a great slow at level 1 that can help you get first blood.

How do you use venomancer effectively?

Venomancer’s attack range is quite short, so it is easy to accidentally put yourself out of position. When killing creep waves or neutral camps, attack each creep once at the beginning to apply the Poison Sting debuff to all of them.

How many questions were found for venomancer?

No questions were found for Venomancer. View more questions. Dota 2 is a multiplayer Action RTS game. It began as a user-made modification for Warcraft 3 and has grown into one of the most played online games in the world.

What is the best early item for venomancer support?

Manta Style is an expensive, usually ineffective choice on a support Venomancer, but it’s decent if you’re in the safelane because your illusions benefit from Poison Sting. Dragon Lance is a good early item and can be further upgraded into a Hurricane Pike if you need the mobility provided by the Force Staff.