What happened to CrowdStar?

What happened to CrowdStar?

A major Facebook game developer is abandoning the platform CrowdStar, a longtime social game developer for Facebook, told All Things D today that they will no longer be developing new titles for Facebook. Company CEO Peter Relan said that mobile will be their target for development.

What is CrowdStar covet?

CrowdStar is a global leader in mobile and social gaming developing entertainment for women. The company’s flagship fashion styling game Covet Fashion entertains millions of women daily. Founded in 2008, CrowdStar has deep roots in designing inventive games for women.

When did Glu acquire CrowdStar?

In January 2017, through an SEC filing, it was revealed that Glu acquired the remaining shares of Crowdstar for an additional $4.7MM, bringing the total acquisition price of Crowdstar to about $50MM, a few million more than the $46.5MM that Crowdstar had raised since its inception in 2008.

Who owns covet app?

CrowdStar chief executive Jeff Tseng is dressing better these days. And that’s no accident. His company’s game, a fashion-oriented title for women called Covet Fashion, is all about changing real lives for the better. CrowdStar launched Covet Fashion with lush, realistic graphics in mid-2013.

Where is CrowdStar based?

CrowdStar is a developer of Facebook and mobile games, based in Burlingame, California, United States and Dublin, Ireland.

How do I contact covet fashion?

Covet Fashion on Twitter: “@UFlisaj: Please email us at covethelp@crowdstar.com with the issue so we can best help you! ;-)” / Twitter.

How do you get diamonds on covet?

Other than buying diamonds, you can earn diamonds by completing free offers through Covet Fashion. There’s an Earn tab in the Premium Store, which will give you options to earn diamonds. The main way to earn diamonds is by completing free offers (like downloading an app and running it, or taking a survey).

How does Covet Fashion make money?

How much money does Covet Fashion make?

Covet Fashion saw a second quarter of record bookings, with $17.7 million in sales; Covet Fashion has grossed more than $276 million in revenue in the last six years since it was established.

What is the highest level in Covet Fashion?

Officially, the highest level in the game right now is level 85, but they release a new level every month.

How do you get free money on Covet Fashion?

Answer: You can get more cash by completing free offers and earning diamonds. Watch videos, take surveys, and do the TapJoy offers. Once you reach 500 diamonds, you can convert them to cash.

What is the highest level in covet fashion?