What happened Rocky Bleier?

What happened Rocky Bleier?

On August 20, while on patrol in Hiep Duc, Bleier was wounded in the left thigh by an enemy rifle bullet when his platoon was ambushed in a rice paddy. While he was down, an enemy grenade landed nearby after bouncing off a fellow soldier, sending shrapnel into his lower right leg.

What did Rocky Bleier do in Vietnam?

Like many other Americans, Rocky Bleier left his job to fight in the Vietnam War. Unlike most of his fellow soldiers, though, Bleier was an NFL running back.

How many Super Bowls did Rocky Bleier play in?

He scored 30 touchdowns in his 11-year career—25 in the regular season, four in the playoffs, and one in the Super Bowl. Bleier played in 14 postseason games in his NFL career. His teams won 13 of them.

Did Rocky Bleier make the Hall of Fame?

Bleier is already a part of the Hall, not just with his player record, but with as part of the Hall’s “American Spirit” exhibit with his football gear and artifacts from his service in Vietnam.

How many NFL players served in Vietnam?

During World War II, 995 NFL athletes joined the ranks of our military and served our country. Of those, 23 died. Over 200 NFL soldiers defended America in Korea. Twenty-eight of our NFL soldiers fought in Vietnam, and a handful have shipped out to the Middle East.

How old is Mel Blount?

73 years (April 10, 1948)Mel Blount / Age

Where did Franco Harris go to high school?

Rancocas Valley Regional High School
Penn State University
Franco Harris/Education

Harris graduated from Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly Township, New Jersey in 1968 and then attended Penn State University.

Did John Madden serve in the military?

In addition to his years of successful leadership, John served as a U.S. Army officer from 1990-1995. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division and 2nd Infantry Division as an Infantry and Military Intelligence Captain.

Are there any veterans in the NFL?

Sometimes, the athlete and the soldier have been one and the same. Over 1,000 NFL players have served in the Armed Forces. One thousand—the equivalent to every NFL player on each team who will take the field this Sunday. During World War II, 995 NFL athletes joined the ranks of our military and served our country.

Where is Mel Blount now?

Buffalo Township
Blount currently resides in Buffalo Township, southwest of Pittsburgh, on a 303-acre (1.23 km2) farm that includes the site of his former youth home.