What goes with Wallabees?

What goes with Wallabees?

Wallabees with chinos Both chinos and Wallabees are associated with smart-casual dressing, so together they’re a match made in heaven. Wear them with a check shirt and add a blazer if the occasion calls for it.

Can Clarks Wallabee be resoled?

However, they do work with Resole America, a national mail-order company that will rebuild your worn out wallabees with brand new plantation crepe soles they have shipped in directly from the Clarks factory. Just print out a pre-paid label, send them off and your shoes are returned in about a week.

Are Clarks and Wallabees the same?

The Wallabee is one of Clarks’ most polarizing styles, but there’s no great reason for that—they’re elite. The distinct silhouette has an almost clog-like shape, which means the higher-cut Wallabee Boot sits somewhere in between eccentric desert boot and designer elf shoe.

How long have Wallabees been around?

The History of the Clarks Wallabees A moccasin-inspired shoe developed in Ireland and launched in the 1960s, the concept of the Clarks Wallabee dates as far back as the 1880s when William Clark had the idea of making the shoe perfectly fit the foot for greater comfort and practicality.

Do you keep the tags on Wallabees?

The shoes’ uppers are stamped with tiny OVO logos, and a fringed tag featuring Drake’s golden owl is attached to the laces. Of course, the tag is removable—but if you’re shelling out for OVO Clarks, you won’t likely be inclined to remove it.

Are Wallabees good for winter?

Yup, this is a Wallabee built for winter. Crafted from hairy Gore-Tex suede, the shoes still boast the same iconic look as the originals, only now they can take on a snowstorm. They also have a Gore-Tex lining and a rugged Vibram sole, which is a far better winter choice than the gummy sole on the others.

How old are Wallabees?

Its history is cool as hell. First debuted in 1967, the Wallabee has more than a half-century of history behind it. Originally based on a German-designed moccasin, the style didn’t catch on in Clarks’ native Britain initially.