What genre is the music in The Last of Us?

What genre is the music in The Last of Us?


The Last of Us
Genre Soundtrack
Length 56:21
Label Sony Computer Entertainment
Producer Gustavo Santaolalla Aníbal Kerpel Jonathan Mayer

What song does Ellie play in The Last of Us 2?

One of the most widely-lauded scenes of “The Last of Us Part II” among fans takes place in a dilapidated record store early in the game, where Ellie plays a cover of “Take On Me” for her girlfriend, Dina.

What is the name of The Last of Us theme song?

“The Last of Us (Main Theme)” from The Last of Us – Original Soundtrack from the Video Game.

What song plays at the end of last of us?

Future Days
You can finally hear Joel sing Pearl Jam’s “Future Days” in its entirety.

What instrument does Gustavo Santaolalla play?

Gustavo Santaolalla
Occupation(s) Musician composer record producer
Instruments Charango Ronroco Guitar Piano Banjo Percussion
Years active 1967–present
Associated acts Bajofondo

Who composed the music in The Last of Us?

Gustavo SantaolallaThe Last of Us / Composer

What instruments are used in The Last of Us theme?

Perhaps the coolest part of the score to The Last of Us is the orchestra itself. It’s an orchestra devoid of violins, sort of like Bach’s 6th Brandenburg Concerto, with an emphasis on lower instruments, like the bass clarinet, the double bass and even a bass saxophone.

Why did Ellie leave Joel’s guitar?

Similarly, the characters of The Last of Us Part 2, particularity Ellie, are self-destructive in their obsession. Ellie’s quest for vengeance concludes with lost loved ones and a mutilated body. That is why her leaving behind the guitar is so significant — leaving it behind is leaving the moth, the obsession, behind.

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Can Gustavo Santaolalla read music?

Despite a nearly 40-year career, Santaolalla does not read or write sheet music, and he does not use an orchestra. Instead, he singularly plucks his guitar with the occasional accompaniment of Argentine violinist, Javier Casalla, with whom he has recorded for 20 years and who also performs in Bajofondo.