What finger do you wear a class ring on?

What finger do you wear a class ring on?

ring finger
A class ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the right hand. This counters the common tradition of wearing wedding rings on the left ring finger. It is also customary that the insignia on the ring should face inward towards the wearer while he or she is enrolled in school.

What companies are Herff Jones?

With a mission to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for young people, Varsity Brands elevates the student experience, promotes participation and celebrates achievement through three unique but interrelated businesses: Herff Jones, A Varsity Achievement Brand; BSN SPORTS, a Varsity Sport Brand; and …

What is Herff Jones data breach?

Herff Jones specializes in graduation products such as class rings, caps and gowns, yearbooks, and more. According to a data breach class action lawsuit, graduates started to report fraudulent charges on their payment cards in May 2021. One plaintiff claims his card was used for nearly $400 worth of fraudulent charges.

Does Herff Jones own Jostens?

Jostens is one, and privately held Herff Jones, which also makes robes for the U.S. Supreme Court, is another. American Achievement is a third major player, through its 100-year-old brand Balfour, as well as the ArtCarved and Keepsake names. It also makes the Keystone class rings sold by Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

How do I track my Herff Jones Order?

Order Status Generally, the best way to check the status of your order is to contact customer service. To contact Customer Service call 1.800. 837.4235, or fill out our customer service form.

How do I contact Herff Jones?

(800) 837-4235Herff Jones / Customer service

How do I cancel my Herff Jones Order?

Please contact your local Herff Jones representative office if you need to modify or cancel your order. Cancellations can be made within three business days of your order to obtain a full refund.

How long does it take to get cap and gown from Herff Jones?

Caps & Gowns may be distributed on campus or shipped to you directly, depending on your school’s preference and your selection at time of order. Bulk distribution dates will be communicated through your school. For direct ship orders, please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacturing.

What does a ring on a woman’s thumb mean?

Thumb rings can also signify freedom. Many people believe that having a ring on the thumb means strength, independence, and individuality. If you wear a bigger thumb ring, it means that you are a more independent and free person. In this modern time, women wear thumb rings to express their freedom and independence.

Who is the CEO of Herff Jones?

Jeff Webb (Jul 1, 2013–)Herff Jones / CEO
Jeff Webb serves as the CEO / President of Herff Jones. Dave Burkert serves as the Senior Vice President of Herff Jones.

Does Varsity Brands own Herff Jones?

In 2011, Herff Jones merged with Varsity Brands, owner of the cheerleading and school spirit company Varsity Spirit. In 2013, the company acquired uniform manufacturer BSN Sports. In 2014 the company rebranded itself under the Varsity Brands name, with Herff Jones becoming a subsidiary.

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