What fight did Marquez knockout Manny Pacquiao?

What fight did Márquez knockout Manny Pacquiao?

The bout was held on December 8, 2012, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada and drew 1.15 million pay-per-view buys. Márquez defeated Pacquiao by knockout with one second remaining in the sixth round….Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Márquez IV.

Venue MGM Grand Garden Arena Paradise, Nevada
Tale of the tape

Who won Manny Pacquiao vs Márquez 3?

Main event scorecards

Pacquiao Marquez
Draw Lost
Judge: Robert Hoyle Judge: Glenn Trowbridge
Suspensions: None Decision: Manny Pacquiao by majority decision

How many times did Manny Pacquiao beat Márquez?

After three outstanding fights between Juan Manuel Marquez and Manny Pacquiao, no one complained when they set up a fourth fight. Pacquiao has never lost in this rivalry, but a tie and two controversial decisions should make the talented boxer quite nervous heading into this main event.

Who is better Pacquiao or Márquez?

Marquez has been Pacquiao’s greatest foe. In fact, Marquez has won the majority of the rounds in the two fights, with Pacquiao’s knockdowns providing just enough points to avoid losses in both bouts.

How much does Manny Pacquiao make?

Over his career, Pacquiao has taken home $500 million and change from fights and endorsement deals, Celebrity Net Worth reported. His most famous fight was against Floyd Mayweather in 2015, where he earned $130 million for the fight itself and bonus earnings from pay per view.

Who is KO Manny?

The Night Juan Manuel Márquez Knocked Out Manny Pacquiao For Two Whole Minutes.

How many times did Pacquiao fight Mayweather?

Mayweather won both fights to take his professional record to 50-0, before announcing his retirement later that year. Pacquiao has fought six times since losing to Mayweather, losing twice and winning four.

Are Márquez and Pacquiao friends?

Old boxing rivals now friends Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico share some common career paths outside of boxing. Marquez is coming back in an exhibition against Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico soon and has expressed interest in wanting to get into politics as part of the comeback.