What does Thrushcross Grange represent?

What does Thrushcross Grange represent?

Thrushcross Grange represents wealth and social standing. In the beginning, neither is part of that world, but Catherine’s interest becomes stronger as she is welcomed into this new world by the Lintons. Heathcliff’s interest in the Grange is as a spectator only.

How is Thrushcross Grange described in the book?

Heathcliff describes it as ‘a splendid place carpeted with crimson, and crimson-covered chairs and tables, and a pure white ceiling bordered by gold, a shower of glass-drops hanging in silver chains from the centre, and shimmering with little soft tapers. ‘ It’s fancy.

What does Thrushcross mean?

Thrushcross Grange, the house owned by the Lintons and then inhabited by Lockwood, is a symbol of tamed, refined, civilized culture. Even when Heathcliff owns it, he chooses to rent it rather than live in it, for its formality does not suit the likes of him.

Why does Nelly move to Thrushcross Grange?

Nelly transfers to Thrushcross Grange to serve Catherine, leaving Hareton in the care of his drunken father and Joseph, the only servant now remaining at Wuthering Heights.

In what chapter is Thrushcross Grange described?

Chapter 1:(I) A Visit to Wuthering Heights Mr Lockwood visits Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights who is leasing him Thrushcross Grange. He describes Heathcliff and the sitting room of the Heights, and briefly has an altercation with the dogs before returning to the Grange.

Who owns Thrushcross Grange?

Heathcliff now controls both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. He forces Catherine to live at Wuthering Heights and act as a common servant, while he rents Thrushcross Grange to Lockwood.

Why did Hindley hate Heathcliff?

Hindley’s dislike of Heathcliff stems from the fact that his father adopted the orphan Heathcliff and he felt that he had stolen his father’s affection. Heathcliff’s dislike of Hindley originates from the ill treatment that he receives from Hindley, almost from the moment that he enters the household.

What happens to Cathy the first time she goes to Thrushcross Grange?

What happens to Cathy the first time she goes to Thrushcross Grange? Cathy does something to cause tension between herself and Heathcliff when she returns from her first visit to the Lintons.

What does Catherine’s dream symbolize?

The heaven of Catherine’s dream is a pleasant, civilized place. But her dream implies that though she finds those things attractive, she’ll never escape the wild, passionate part of her nature that is symbolized by Wuthering Heights—and which loves Heathcliff.

Who is the beautiful girl home Lockwood finds on the sitting room?

Eventually a rough-looking young man comes to let him in, and Lockwood goes into a sitting room where he finds a beautiful girl seated beside a fire. Lockwood assumes she is Heathcliff’s wife.

Why does Lockwood leave Thrushcross Grange?

1. Lockwood removes himself from London to Thrushcross Grange due to an unfulfilled love affair in London which he is attempting escaping from by making himself “removed from the stir of society”, probably because he is feeling sorry for himself.