What does the NextGEN plugin do?

What does the NextGEN plugin do?

WordPress Gallery Plugin On the back end, NextGEN offers a complete WordPress gallery management system with the ability to batch upload photos, import meta data, add/delete/rearrange/sort photos, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more.

What is envira gallery?

Envira Gallery is a drag and drop WordPress gallery builder that’s fast, easy and powerful. Envira Gallery allow you to create beautiful photo and video galleries using our ready made layouts. You can even proof and sell pictures, all without having to hire a developer.

How do I change font size in NextGEN?

First, Settings > Display > Display Size allows you to adjust the overall display size. Additionally, you can also adjust font sizing: Settings > Display > Font > Font size.

What are next-gen photos?

Next-gen images use formats with superior compression and quality characteristics compared to their GIF, JPEG, and PNG ancestors. These image formats support advanced features designed to take up less data while maintaining a high quality level, making them perfect for web use.

Is envira free?

Is Envira Gallery free? Yes! Envira Gallery has a free version at WordPress.org that works for basic galleries. You’ll need the premium version to unlock more advanced features, though.

How much does envira Gallery cost?

Pricing and Support Options for Envira Gallery The pricing starts for as low as $29 with one year of support and updates. This Basic package comes with basic addons and unlimited galleries for a single site. The Plus package comes with advanced addons and you can use it on 3 Sites for $69 per year.

What are NextGen Plus and NextGen Pro Photo plugins?

NextGEN Plus and NextGEN Pro are premium WordPress gallery plugin extensions for NextGEN Gallery that add new photo gallery displays, lightboxes, ecommerce, proofing, and pro support. Learn more about NextGEN Plus and NextGEN Pro photo plugin features.

How do I upload photos to NextGEN Gallery?

INSTALLATION: The easiest way to start uploading your photos is to login to you WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, search for NextGEN Gallery, and click to install the plugin. You can also download the plugin zip file from this page and upload it from the Plugins > Add New > Upload page.

What is NextGEN Gallery and how does it work?

NextGEN Gallery is a WordPress gallery plugin maintained by Imagely. We’re the WordPress photography experts. In addition to NextGEN Gallery, NextGEN Plus, and NextGEN Pro, we also make WordPress themes for photographers, provide turnkey websites for photographers, and run the WordPress Photography Podcast.

What is the Lightroom plugin for NextGEN Gallery?

The Lightroom plugin for NextGEN Gallery allows you to automatically create and sync photo galleries from your Adobe Lightroom collections in WordPress. Offer digital downloads of your images for free, or with payment using the Ecommerce system. You have complete control over sizes and pricing for every image.